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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm looking to play a patient style that pulls defenders out of position to create space to exploit. At the start of the season I had my striker as a deep lying forward to try to drop into space and pull defenders with him but playing against DMs just meant he'd be dropping into a congested part of the pitch. I thought I might be isolating my poacher striker but didn't realise the attack duties had that kind of impact.
  2. Here's the image with player roles. Again apols for the rubbish picture quality.
  3. Morning folks. Apologies in advance for the rubbish picture quality. Had to take a photo on my camera of the screen on my switch so I could show you what I'm talking about. I'll post another picture showing player roles in a reply to this. I was hoping for some advice. This will be familiar to most i expect but i start off the season well to the extent that the board quite quickly give me a new contract, challenging for top 4 etc. However it quickly starts to fall apart and I've had a few saves now so I can see it coming a mile off. The goals dry up and suddenly my team can't defend and we end up getting hammered by the likes of Frosinone ffs. The above set up has the LB on attack as he's an excellent crosser. The AML is an inside forward so that the LB can advance into space. The lone striker is a poacher, the theory being that he'll stay on the last man forcing the defence to back off hopefully creating space for the inside forward AML. The AMR is an out and out winger getting to the by line and also attacking the far post when the ball is coming from the left. The MCR is an advanced playmaker to provide attacking support centrally and from deep. Everyone else is defending. All this can be seen in the next picture below. I know the AI adapts so I'll sometimes keep the LB on defend and have the AML act as a winger as well to shake things up. Balanced is the default mentality. I'll change it depending on the opponent and maybe add stuff like counter and lower LoE if I'm playing Juve for example. On past saves I've changed the formation or other things but without really understanding what I was doing. Some changes have been quite drastic whereas I'm hoping to get a better grip on what's going on because if I blindly stumble on a solution, it'll only ever work until the AI adapts again. Then I'd be back to square one. Any advice/guidance would be helpful. Please bear in mind I'm on FM touch on the switch (the touch forum looks like a ghost town hence why I'm here). I'm told the match engine and AI are the same but I can't do shouts for example and other features such as team talks are missing too. Cheers
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