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  1. I played FM19 on the switch and found that the only way I could achieve sustained success was to play the high press. That made the whole thing a bit boring for me as it kind of takes the skill out of the game. I'm hoping FM20 has resolved this and was wondering if anyone could let me know if that's the case. I'd also appreciate any general comments about the game and match engine. For example, have they fixed the problem where no one ever seemed to score from 1 on 1's? Cheers
  2. Yeah, I get what you're saying. I can imagine it would be tedious but I do find myself getting a bit bored at times just switching between the two tactics I tend to use. Overpowering teams with quality is great when you're managing one of the top teams but that gets dull too and I'm currently trying to turn Fiorentina into Italy's top club but do find the team stuttering at times in what is a ridiculously competitive league. It would be nice to try to gain an advantage by making little changes based on the individual players I'm up against. I don't plan to do it in every single game but I
  3. I play FM19 Touch on the Switch and, for reasons I won't go into because they make me sound like a moron, have only recently discovered how to view an opponent's starting line up pre-game (once in game, on the Switch you can't click on a player to see their attributes). This has opened up a world of possibilities because I can see who I'm actually going up against rather than having to guess based on the line ups in that team's recent games which is what I was having to do previously. This will allow me to refine my tactic on a game-by-game basis. I don't envisage doing too much; maybe dr
  4. My guess would be: 1) Mentality change from balanced to positive because, quite simply, you've gone a goal down and you want something from the game. I also thought about cautious because your left hand side is very attacking and positive would only increase that, possibly creating an imbalance. 2) I'm also gonna say you switched the RB from IWBs to FBd so he's in a better position to deal with the problems you were having on that side. 3) I'm going to say you lowered the LoE one notch to draw them out further (and retained counter). Then maybe you made the passing mo
  5. Update on this: I posted this thread towards the end of my first season with Valencia. Since taking on board the feedback, I finished 5th and won the Spanish Cup that year. In my 2nd season, I finished 3rd, won the Spanish Super Cup, Europa League and lost in the Spanish cup final. Was offered the Spain job at one point too as well as being on the shortlist for the Juve job. Now in my 3rd season, I'm 4th (with about 9 points to 5th and even more to 3rd), won the Spanish Super Cup again and into the 2nd knockout round of the Europa League (didn't get out of my Champions League gr
  6. I was referring to the following comment from your post made about 1.5 hours ago which was in relation to the 4123: "This looks better balanced, but is still not ideal IMHO" EDIT: Thanks for the carrilero definition. Geoffrey Kondogbia will probably end up doing that for me and, based on his attributes, he can do pretty much anything asked of him in central midfield. Carrilero shouldn't be a problem for him
  7. @Experienced Defender I'd also be interested to know why you think its still not ideal. The main purpose of me posting this thread wasn't to see an upturn in results but to try to understand why it wasn't working before (or stopped working to be more accurate) and why any change in fortune arising from it (fingers crossed) has come around so that next time the AI adapts, I'll have a better understanding of why that was and what i can do about it (rather than posting on here every time). Also, thanks again for responding. It looks as if you reply to every plea for assistance on here w
  8. Still on balanced currently but have only played one game using the 4123 I posted. Beat Sevilla 4-0 at home but trying not to read too much into one game (even if it was a massive improvement on recent form). In terms of TIs, I'm going from memory cus I'm at work: Shorter passing Standard tempo Play out of defence Counter GK distributing to CBs and FBs (although this might not be necessary due to play out of defence instruction - not sure that's how it would work) Standard DL and lower line of engagement More urgent pressing with get stuck in.
  9. Thanks mate. I appreciate you taking the time. I think you're probably right about the setup being top heavy. I have a few excellent DM/CMs plus my two strikers seem to perform inconsistently so I might shift to a 4123 where the 3 is the lone striker plus the wide AMs. Something like this: CFa IFs Ws BBMs Mez s DLPs FBa CDd CDd FBs This would be more balanced I think.
  10. Thanks for replying. DLFs Pa IFa Ws BBMs DLPs FBa CDd CDd FBs This is the original, more aggressive high pressing set up with the TIs listed in the OP.
  11. The 2nd one is the one I'm using most recently to try to counter what I'm seeing the opponents do.
  12. Firstly, I'll get the apologies out the way. I'm not playing the most recent version of FM plus I'm on Touch on the Switch so can't do screenshots (but I'm told the ME is the same as the full version plus I'm hoping your memories of FM19 are still mostly intact). I'm managing Valencia in my 1st season and started out playing the following aggressive high press style: GK: Neto SKd RB: Daniel Wass FBs CD: Gianluca Mancini CDd CD: Mouctar Diakhaby CDd LB: Jose Gaya FBa CM: Dani Parejo DLPs CM: G Kondogbia BBMs AMR: M Vargas Ws AML: G Guedes IFa
  13. I'm with you Footix. I play the Touch version on the Switch and am constantly getting frustrated. I'm not sure I understand how to build an effective tactic that will bring sustained success (beyond about half a season). The only reason I keep going back to the game is because of threads like this. Others are having success so I keep trying to get there myself.
  14. By "sustained" I mean more than 1 or 2 seasons. I'm assuming the answer is yes but, so far, that kind of sustained success at the top level has eluded me . I've had saves with Fiorentina and Milan (along with lots of other saves that have been short lived). With Fiorentina, I finished in a Europa League spot in the 1st season (board expectation: top half) and qualified for the champions league finishing in 4th place in the 2nd season (expectation: Europa League qualification). With Milan, I was expected to qualify for the Europa League and finished 4th. I've also got an on
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