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  1. Stockport County Sam Walker [90013911] Supports: Manchester United I'd also add Stockport County as a favourite club of his now. He seems to love it at the club from interviews.
  2. Stockport County Dan Cowan Supports: Liverpool Height: 6'2" Source: matchday programme
  3. Stockport County Festus Arthur - some details to update from an interview he gave to the matchday programme: DOB: 27/02/2000 Born: Hamburg, Germany (I don't believe he has German nationality though). Supports: Man City Height: 6'2"
  4. Not sure if this is the right place, but its as good as any I suppose... Jake Pollard [29081313] now plays for New Mills AFC. Last season (18/19) he played for Avro FC.
  5. Greg Daniels [29060037] has joined Cheadle Town on a dual registration (loan?) from Ramsbottom United today. He is currently listed as unattached in the game.
  6. Bangladesh National Team Assistant Coach - Stuart Watkiss [2005853] since June 2018 https://www.linkedin.com/in/stuart-watkiss-592780aa/
  7. Seemed to sort itself out on the next reload anyway. Thanks for coming back though.
  8. One other Stockport County related issue... Szymon Czubik Born: Chelmza, Poland - so should probably have Poland as main nationality and English as second nationality He supports Lech Poznan. The above were taken from an interview with him in the match day programme.
  9. A couple of things I've noticed in the beta for Stockport County. Goal keeperDane Smith is no longer here, he joined Abbey Hey ahead of this season: As you can see from the screenshot he is also 5'9". The goalkeeper coach is called Karlos Leneghan, rather than Karl (I guess Karlos could be his full name, Karl his more common name?) https://www.stockportcounty.com/squad/karlos-leneghan/ Tyler Garrett should have number 22.
  10. Agree on Festus Arthur, he is a first team player now and has been performing well. Would also suggest he needs a decent potential as well, as he is only 18 playing in the first team so can only get better. His reading of the game is very impressive for someone so young, I would suggest the only thing that might hold him back is a lack of pace/acceleration. And alongside that I agree on Downing, if he was going to make it by now he would have had more appearances. He spent a month on loan at Clitheroe where he played 6 games, and maybe thats going to be more his level.
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