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  1. So is it related to the league updates I've been using? In which case I guess I'll just have to maybe try and tone it down a bit on the amount of leagues I was shoehorning in there.
  2. I have uploaded the files to the SI Cloud Service. They are called ' Bischofshofen crash dump.dmp' and 'last save overwrite backup.fm' The in-game date when the crash occurs is always 16th July 2020. I did have a problem with the game crashing on a different date earlier today but when I switched to a slightly older save it seemed to get past it, at least until it started doing it again on the date mentioned previously. I have been using the following custom files: Skin - FM19 Rensie skins v1.3 Logos - 2019-standard-logopack_fmscout.com League updates - Update by @Timo@, Mega Unlock All League of World 2019 by qwert2 and megapack-leagues-fm19-by-claassen I realise the save file is enormous but as the problem hasn't occurred until 2.5 years into the save I'm assuming neither that, nor the custom files, are to to blame as both have been that way since the start. Any help you can give will be much appreciated.
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