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  1. 433, 2 centre backs, 2 complete wing backs to provide width with a regista in the DM slot. 2 central midfielders, one of whom is more attacking, maybe a BBM and a CMa. Inside forwards, or a raumdauter and a IF. A striker to occupy the defenders, be flexible on the role but if you are often camped out on the edge of the opposition area then consider something like a poacher or an advanced forward
  2. Well that's incredibly impressive. My best ever was only conceding 4 in a season, but with a regen team and a game breaking 343 formation with wingbacks and three shadow strikers
  3. https://community.sigames.com/topic/473790-creating-tactics-the-book-of-roles/ Knap this post by Rashidi says that if you play an IWB with no player in the AML/R or ML/R positions then the IWB functions as a wing back. I have tested this by moving the players back from AF to AML/R. How come you have chosen IWB for the tactic if they act as WB?
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