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  1. This ridiculously attacking 4231. Quite a few seasons in so it was a super team stocked with regens. The opposition defence couldn't deal with the IF(a) cutting inside, with the AF(a), AM(s) and CM(a) getting into the area, so both CWB(a) would get plenty of space to cause havoc. Would regularly rack up 5 or 6 goals in the first half. The DLP sits deep and recycles possession to the full backs. Would sometimes get exposed on the counter but the two CBs were incredibly strong, quick and tall, and with an incredible keeper behind them. And if the opposition scored, we would be almost guaranteed to score more
  2. 433, 2 centre backs, 2 complete wing backs to provide width with a regista in the DM slot. 2 central midfielders, one of whom is more attacking, maybe a BBM and a CMa. Inside forwards, or a raumdauter and a IF. A striker to occupy the defenders, be flexible on the role but if you are often camped out on the edge of the opposition area then consider something like a poacher or an advanced forward
  3. Well that's incredibly impressive. My best ever was only conceding 4 in a season, but with a regen team and a game breaking 343 formation with wingbacks and three shadow strikers
  4. https://community.sigames.com/topic/473790-creating-tactics-the-book-of-roles/ Knap this post by Rashidi says that if you play an IWB with no player in the AML/R or ML/R positions then the IWB functions as a wing back. I have tested this by moving the players back from AF to AML/R. How come you have chosen IWB for the tactic if they act as WB?
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