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  1. Bielsa doesn't use 3-3-1-3, and the forum linked doesn't give you any tactical advice for playing as Leeds. I'd reccomend reading through last years Leeds United team guide forum, there is plenty of players commenting and playing on a Bielsa style. All concepts mentioned in there will be applicable as a base set for FM20. I thoroughly enjoyed playing a Bielsa style system with Leeds on FM19, Jack Clarke was a monster.
  2. Love managing Bilbao. Must have had a save on every FM since first realising who and what Bilbao where; watching that Bilbao team (can still name it) run Alex Ferguson's United side off the pitch. Have loaded up a save this season. Have put up Inaki Williams for transfer list.
  3. When I brought FM19, got to a game, and the screen had changed. I'm out. I'm ****ing livid. FM19, boring. FM17, enjoyable. FM;Mods, tick, tock?
  4. Looking forward to playing with Newcastle. Selling off Ki-Seung and Muto will be first thing to do.
  5. Since changing midfielders roles from CM(S) to Mezzala (A/S) I have noticed they are scoring more goals from outside the area, or at least getting more shots on goal. Previously I would have been playing the exact same players, with the exact same abilities, with the exact same team instructions but they would have been balloooning those shots wide. It almost seems that the ME has a pre-determined outset whether or not you shall score. Despite being in a good position or not, thou ME shall decide.
  6. Yes, yes yes. So... You haven't actually helped me have you Mr Mod. Convoluted way of saying the sum of zero.
  7. Who are you to tell me what to do? I started a thread because of OP. This board is in a dying existence to begin with, maybe you're right - one less thread isn't needed. Good call Captain of ****.
  8. Long answer is going to be a very long question to begin with.. Many thanks for you're reply. I hate the idea of having an elite squad, i.e two top quality/world class players for every position and having to be changing and impacting the overall system because say Athur (DLP) is injured, I replace him with Vidal (BWM). I'd much rather play CM and allow both Arthur and Vidal (2 world class players in their fields) to take on a base role how they see fit. That's pretty much been my approach across previous FMs. The better players/group I gathered or managed the less team instructions, certainly individual instruction I'd ask. I'd form a basic base of 2-4 team shouts, end up playing a very fluid 433/4231. IFs - AMs - IFs - DLFa has been a prolific front four across countless saves for me with a very fluid symmetrical 4231. Now, hopeless being played by; Mbappe - Messi - Coutinho -- Suarez Support coming wide by overlapping fullbacks; Alba, and Cancelo. I see no worries in defence, we're dominating games, but just can't score. Something I have't tweaked right the ME doesn't like, Messi is missing penalties, open goals. Numerous clean cut chances created visually, but not reccoreded. Like my bloody front four is working, it's becoming a front 6 with wing backs - a 7 with Athur pushing up - but it's not working. Please understand we're I'm trying to go with this. I hate to give WWFan (whatever his name is) the credit for the approach, as I'd been doing it long before - but you must know, simple team but concise approach overall, played out by world class players taking on their own personalities into the field.
  9. If I set up with symmetrical roles, am I destined for failure? For example below. I see now, ME deems yes. All my transitions, and build up play brilliant. If I could only get the IF to actually use a brain, and not be so dogmatic would be wonderful. Bit of variety wouldn't go a miss. SKA; WBA CB CB WBA LCM(s) CDM(D) RCM(S) IFs Is AF My take on it is that I've elite players, and I'd rather not bog them down with individual instructions. I want them to get into a variety of positions, and then themselves determine what's best by their rating. It works. What's pissing me off, and would be a clear way for my tactic to create tons of chances - that the ME is holding back on - is that the IF to have the brain power to actually go down the line once in a while and get a cross from by line. I've Osmanne Dembele, all he's good for is running, dribbling; square to a full back, cuts inside. Go down the line actual monkey, cross from by line there are going to be 5 in the box!!! Same probems with Messi played on the left hand side. All he wants to do is move inside, even when perfect opportunity to act like a winger. That's the best player on the game. So don't talk about ME not setting tactics up to fail.
  10. Forwards Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Phil Coutinho, Joao Felix, Dembele (looking to sell as is useless) Midfielders Arthur, de Jong, Coutinho, Busquets, Rakitic, Felix, Vidal Defenders Pique, Umtiti, Lenglet, de Ligt, Ruben Dias, Alba, Roberto, Cancelo The last FM save I really enjoyed, and has great success in was FM17 with Bilbao - a very fluid symmetric system. I skipped 18, now I can't get any symetcrical sort of system working at all.
  11. I've build a that has some great players I feel, certainly as I'm only in third season as Newcastle; Ruben Neves, Sandro Tonali, Arthur in midfield. Wilfried Zaha, Dani Olmo and Pellegri
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