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  1. It's kind of crappy with all the profits they make every year on new versions of Football Manager they can't seriously invest any of that into another product. There is seriously only one person working on Eastside Hockey Manager as a side hobby? I mean Eastside would never be on the same level as Football Manager, but it's still just a bad showing they won't make new releases. A bad showing that will all the money FM is bringing it that none of it will go towards new products. I mean the excuse last time was piracy wasn't it? I mean it's 2019, there are plenty of DRM solutions that would take care of that issue. All you really have to is keep pushing out updates, and that makes everyone forget about pirating it. Just have some always online element that is constantly making the game update and game crackers wouldn't even be able to keep up. I mean as it stands right now Eastside is pretty much unplayable if you use broken tactics. Too easy. You're pretty much forced to play GM mode only otherwise it'll be too easy.
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