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  1. I have a player in my team who, no matter how much tactical training / match preperation I do, will not increase his tactical familiarity. I am playing him in a role he is suited to and he has played 90 mins in loads of games and I'm half way through the season. All other players have full tactical familiarity but one players is really low. When I highlight the tactical familiarity levels he is "fluid" in every single tactical aspect apart from "position / role / duty" regardless of what role or position I play him in, the bar for position / role / duty is completely empty and will not go up. Is this a bug?
  2. My intention for him is to have him as the main goal scorer. So he would usually play with a more creative forward usually played as a DLF. On the first screenshot mcburnie would replace Gallagher.
  3. I have attached a picture of the striker So far i have tried him as a pressing forward and an advanced forward and one game as a poacher. hes got 6 goals this season but 4 of them were in one game in the cup against a team 2 divisions below me. He only has one league goal and as you can see his average rating isn't great. his tactical familiarity is only just getting to a decent level now so i suspect that has played some part.
  4. Thanks for the replies! in my next home game I: - added the work ball into the box instruction - changed defending and attacking width back to standard - changed one BPD to a CD so that I only have one - made one of my CM's a mezzala - changed my AP to a standard AM with PI's to take more risks, get forward and roam from position I won 3-0 against a team on great form, so the early signs are decent. My mezzala scored, the AM got a goal and an assist (as well as MOTM) and one of my strikers finally scored his first goal of the season! my main striker is still playing terribly though, his suitability in the position and role I play him in is full. His replacement scored in the same role when i subbed him off. How important is the tactical familiarity? despite being "natural" in his position and role the tactical familiarity for this one player in my team is really low. I want to give him game time to get more familiar but its making him play poorly. If i leave him on the bench i assume it wont increase as quick? is there anyway to increase individual players familairty? i cant find any option in individual training. again, thanks for the help so far.
  5. I want to control possesion and play a short passing, patient game trying to create clear cut chances as opposed to forcing the issue. wide defender width - I was conceding a lot of goals from crosses so tried this out. wide attacking width because my players were only creating chances from out wide so attempted to utilize this as much as possible. the main problem i have is my strikers despite having good attribute miss almost every chance they get. I've lost 1-0 in 4 games and the goal I conceded was an own goal. i regularly dominate at home and just cant score no matter what i try. My defence goes from completely solid 1 game to useless the next. I just can't get to grips
  6. So I decided to try a few tweaks...... I added the instruction for my LWB to overlap, added work ball into the box, I changed my strikers roles to complete forward and pressing forward (both with attack duties) and i changed my mentality to positive, surely this would create more chances? nope, pretty much went the same as every other game. Fairly even with me losing from 3 world class strikes. My strikers were still useless and I didn't create any more chances than usual and i am now 6 games in with only one win against Salford in the cup
  7. I setup my own (main) tactic that I intended to use most home games or in away games when I had a decent chance of a win. It tends to do alright with controlling possession, limiting opponent chances and generally controlling the game. However, I am 4 games into the season and have drawn 3 games and lost one (the game I lost they had 1 shot on target and scored from outside the area). I'm getting frustrated to the point i am considering just giving up on the game. No matter what tweaks I make its the exact same. I can't work out if it's the player roles or instructions. The assistant manager feedback and analysis i generally find completely useless as it gives no advice related to the actual tactics. It's just generic statements that have no pattern. I have uploaded an image of my current tactic. Anyone care to give some feedback and advice on how I can optimize this?
  8. Is it possible to see the exact roles players have played in analysis? I'm looking back at previous games and can only see the positions. I let my assistant manager play a few games and went on holiday. He got really good results and I want to know what tactics and roles he played.
  9. Just wondering if anyone had any advice with regards to the best roles for three attacking players (one Central attacking midfielder behind 2 strikers) My team is setup in a 5-2-1-2 formation with wing backs. I've tweaked it to a point where I'm almost fully happy with it. The one thing I want to improve on is getting the most out of my CAM as attributes wise he is probably the best player in my team but very rarely gets rating above 6.7 and dispite being in an attacking position hardly ever scores or gets any assists. Initially I setup with my CAM as an attacking midfielder (support) behind the two strikers (DLF-s) and (AF-a) Although my strikers were doing OK my CAM was not. I tried to think logically about it and thought maybe my DLF is dropping into the space my CAM is in, along with the midfield behind him pushing forward into the same space. I had the thought this could cause a lot of congestion and mean he struggles to get on the ball. I also thought maybe he's not getting any assists as there is effectively only one striker to play through on goal (the AF) and he'll likely have to or three defenders. His only other option is to play it out wide to the wing backs to put a ball in. So I've decided to try and push both strikers forward more, effectively giving him two players to play in. I just can't quite find the perfect combination. Would playing with two advance forwards be too one dimensional? Would they get in each others way? Is it better to have one striker as the main goalscorer and the other to do a but of donkey work e.g. Target man? I was thinking about trying an AF to run the channels and stretch the defence and pair him with a poacher to stay central on the last man to mop up the chances. Would this work? I've also considered using a pressing forward with an advance forward. I don't want to keep changing every game until I decide the best pairing because that could waste a lot of time so anyone have any advice?
  10. Brief overview, I played the game extensively right up until about FM15 and was generally quite good at it. Recent years has seen me play less and less and i have been trying to get back into it with FM19 but I am finding it a bit hard. I am managing Sheffield United and playing with wing backs. I wanted to create 2 differing tactics. The first would be a possession based tactic with short passing and slow build up. This is mainly used where I am confident of controlling possession (mostly at home). After pretty much a full season of trying differing instructions and roles I have found something that seems to be a good starting point. With this I play with a triangle in midfield with a DLP(d) a BBM(S) and an AM(S) behind two strikers. This tactic is generally decent, i control possession as intended (regularly having 65%+ possession) and the opposition tends to not get many shots or chances. However, I draw so many games that I dominate and rarely score more than 1 goal. How can I increase my chances of scoring whilst maintaining control of possession and limiting my oppositions chances.? The second tactic I use is much more problematic. I wanted to create a tactic for when i wouldn't be able to control possession. This is a slightly different formation (swapping the AM in the first one for a DM) with a cautious mentality. I also set instructions to play at a higher tempo so as to try and hit teams on the counter. However, this tactic even with a DM leads to my opponents having 20+ shots every game and me barely having any. they also control possession and the extended highlights feel like i am just watching a wave of constant attacks. I have attached screenshots of both and you'll see the team instructions are quite minimal. Earlier in the season I had many more and was getting battered. I have been constantly tweaking whilst doing my best to avoid the sack. Does anyone have any insight into how i can improve?
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