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  1. 1. That doesn't work either 2. I never use dev centre, because i have all responsibilities on myself so i can't use that 3. I can't Select the actual staff from the Akadami or Glid, it only gives me the option for my main squad trainers
  2. Ekenas IF same deal, u can use my save too, u can also not choose your youth team trainer assignments Julian Verkerk - Werkloos.fm
  3. as show in pictures, these are my 3rd and 4th squad staff, but they don't appear in the trainer assignments (if you look closely on 3rd and 4th picture, you see i selected the 3rd and 4th team)
  4. In my save im doing a road to glory, and started at the club Ekenäs IF (Finland), this team has the following squads: Ekenäs IF (main squad) Ekenäs IF -20 (2nd squad) Ekenäs IF Academy (partnered club/owned club) (B Team) FC Glid (partnered club/owned club) (B Team) for my main and 2nd squad i'm able to choose what every trainer assignment is, but when i try to do this for my other squads it shows me my main squads trainers, instead of the trainers i specifically hired for those teams. Uploaded savefile to owncloud name: Julian Verkerk - Werkloos.fm can provide pictures if needed later
  5. Regards to that Sudden Spike, There really is none to see, But i'll leave that to you guys. Have a nice Easter
  6. I meant that the simulation times could've been fixed too, with a whopping 48GB total processing power we should be able to simulate days faster. nevertheless thanks for the feedback, and i disabled the pictures for newgens.
  7. How come there is memory issues, while the game is not even using 20% of my 16GB Memory, how can we speed up the game simulation/memory issues, because my pc is way more capable then the game is handling atm (and don't tell me to lower the amounts of leagues loaded in, i have a pagefile of 32GB and a 16GB memory card, which makes 48GB of processing power, should be enough?)
  8. Sry to say, i overwritten that file, so to replicate i'll upload another file tomorrow, because i need sleep now. Edit: i downloaded the old one from zippyshare and uploaded it to your servers. same name doh Werkloos.fm
  9. I Don't have the exact same savefile anymore, but the current one i'm using can replicate the same problem i think. because i'm still doing the same actions but with a workaround (looking at scouting tab how many transfers are inc, to know if it's safe to click on transfers tab). I think these problems arose because of the limitation to Youth Scouting from the developers, (500 max to shortlist, 50 max trials each click, 30ish trial players max in club). btw i hope it's ok that i uploaded it to zippyshare, because the savefile is 370mb (max size on this forum is 9.77mb) https://www20.zippyshare.com/v/sc5WxYFP/file.html
  10. i think 4 out of 5 .dmp files i attached had the problem where they crashed after trying to get into Transfer Section. hope this can get resolved in future patch or something. This problem can be recreated by probably sending too many Transfer Requests/Trials/Informing about Price etc etc. Although 500 shouldnt be a problem for a 400k player database FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.16 17.23.00).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.16 17.18.43).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.16 15.48.13).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.16 15.20.00).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.16 13.01.28).dmp DxDiag.txt
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