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  1. Done, file is named "Jessan - 1860 München- Zisis Papadopoulos" Last part is the name of the player with the contract issue.
  2. What does that PPM do exactly? Because I have a player who has the PPMs "Runs with ball down left" and "Cuts inside from the left wing" and I feel like those would contradict eachother.
  3. I'm having the same issues when it comes to negotiating contracts. I set up a contract for a player, lock in a clause with the red padlock, press suggest terms and the agent just removes the clause I put in. First image is the contract I made, with the minimum fee release clause with the redpadlock, I suggest terms and the agent comes back with an offer without the clause, yet whenever agents put up a clause and lock it in, I can never remove it.
  4. Is there an option to have a player mentor others without him transfering over his PPMs? I have Christian Eriksen who is a model citizen so a great personality to mentor others however he has the plays one-twos PPM that I don't want on my playmakers since I like to give them the PI more direct passing but that is contradicted by the "plays one-twos".
  5. When playing a winger on the right, he needs to be rightfooted to get decent crosses in. When playing an inside forward on the right and he needs to score, he needs to be leftfooted. But what of the advanced playmaker, when playing an advanced playmaker on support in the AMR spot and as someone who needs to create chances would it be better if he was left- or rightfooted? I want him to mostly play throughballs to the poacher or combine with the rest of my midfield. Also does it change if he becomes an advanced playmaker on attack, since then he'll be dribbling more and taking on opposing players 1v1?
  6. Thanks for the reply, found the thread in question, it was an interesting read especially down the comments since you made the point that many users seem to focus too much on the opposition. Pretty sure I'm one of those, time to unlearn some bad habits and have the faith to just sit on my hands and let the game play out at times. I'll link to the thread in question here.
  7. Yes, my bad, should have clarified more. I meant in the situation where you have been the better team, the team is playing well but they just haven't taken their chances.
  8. I noticed that you changed your winger to an inside forward, was that just because the player is better suited as an inside forward or something specific for this match? Also if you find yourself at 0-0 with 15 minutes to play and you are looking for the goal would you then up mentality or change some TIs like tempo? It would seem obvious to go attacking mentality to go more attacking but as you've just highlighted your attack changes so much that it could actually become worse.
  9. I have 2 players for the SV role, they are pretty similar but one has the PPMs of dictates tempo and plays one-two's and he is getting better ratings then the other player.
  10. Training a player in a new position costs PA, does training a player in a new role which he is ineffective at in a position he is competent in also cost PA?
  11. Seems I solved it But no I'll look into things a little further, I have noticed that at times my fullback on support has a lot of space infront of him but my players seem unwilling to pass it to him or into that space. I don't really want to play him as a wingback since he is very limited, might be something for next season when I can get a proper wingback for that spot.
  12. Well I'm getting 44% SOT so still need some work there however I do feel there is an issue with shot quality since I notice that a lot of those shots off target should never be off target since they should be easy shots. I am playing with a top team in the Belgian leauge so my players aren't world class but some of the misses I have seen are shocking. And the long shots seem strange, cause I have been checking these in the analysis tab and sometimes my players just take a long shot when there is an easy pass and a more difficult pass on. This is with work ball into box on and PIs of shoot less often. EDIT: I just had the perfect game to illustrate this, 4 shots from well inside the box and none that hit the target, in total I had 15 shots with only 5 on target. PS The opposing teams number 14 hit an ambitious shot.
  13. Does this mean you feel that there is an issue with players taking too many long shots even when there is a pass they could make instead?
  14. Do you use IWBs when using the AMC+2ST setup? I always thought that if there are no players further up on the wings that inverted wingbacks just play as normal wingbacks, am I wrong on that?
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