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  1. In FM19, you had a screen that showed you how many chances you created and conceded for each tactic you used, it was in tactic-> analysis and then formation from the drop down menu. Was this removed in FM20 because I can't find it.
  2. Last 2 days I've been having these error and crashes, think they were all after I installed the latest patch. Game had been running smooth before that, but now I've had 4 crashes in the last 2 days with not that many hours played. I've seen other topics pop up about this but the rules said to open a new thread. Couple more things, I play in 2d with 3d highlights, the crashes seem to happen randomly during matches not after the same event or something, I've got England, Spain, France, Italy, Scotland, Ireland and Belgium loaded. FM 2020 v20.0.3.1307550 (2019.11.06 19.21.42).dmp FM 2020 v20.0.3.1307550 (2019.11.06 23.42.38).dmp FM 2020 v20.0.3.1307550 (2019.11.07 21.41.35).dmp FM 2020 v20.0.3.1307550 (2019.11.07 21.50.41).dmp
  3. So I created my version of the 4123 but I seem to hit an "issue" with what I want. Now first off, I have been playing the tactic as is and it is working, we're doing fine however there are a few issues I personally have and I can't seem to fix them since it means contradicting myself. So first off, I have 2 attack duties on the left flank, which I'm not that big a fan off, and since my fullback on that flank is making overlapping runs and crossing the ball, which is all fine, I do find that we do not have that many people inside the box. Now ideally I would change the inside forward on the right to attack and the one on the left to support, that should ensure that the inside forward on the right will try to get on the crosses from the fullback a bit more. This however creates the issue that we would have the mezalla on attack and an inside forward on attack on the same side and I don't think that is ideal, not too sure on that one but seems logical. Also we have the inverted wingback on the right there to help out the midfield when the mezalla charges forward. Now we can switch the places of mezalla and the dlp but then we would have the mezalla on attack and the fullback on attack on the same side which seems to create a big defensive gap, we can solve that by making the fullback on the left an inverted wingback but then none of this would matter. I guess it comes down to is having a mezalla on attack and a fullback on attack on the same side not too great of a risk?
  4. I didn't know they changed the DLF with the latest patch, originally I had set up the striker to be a DLFs but he didn't seem to fit so I tried other roles before giving up and settling on a CFs. Guess I will have to experiment and see how the DLF works now. For your other questions, they are a bit harder to answer because I'm not that great at the tactic side of things, hence why once I find something that works I stick with it, but I'll try to answer. How to create space is something I still struggle with, however I was hoping the triangle of Ws, WBat and DLPsu would drag the other team towards that side opening up the left flank(?). How I foresaw my goals being scored: using the (possible) overload on the right I was hoping to get both the Wsu and WBat to cross towards the IFa link up play between the MEZ and IFa, IFa running forwards with the ball laying it off towards the MEZ and him playing the through ball towards the IFa again striker dropping deep and holding up the ball for the IFa (or winger, maybe even MEZ since he gets further forward on a transition having the DLP find the IFa with a long ball since my DLP has the trait "likes to switch ball to other flank" Now the first one was pretty common with added bonus that my DLP would play through balls to my WBat who was then free to cross. The second one happened rarely but I did like they way those 2 roles played together mostly to keep possession. Think in 3 seasons I had 2 goals with my striker holding up the ball and playing in the IFa, he mostly would just pass it backwards towards the DLP or MEZ. And very sadly I can't remember a single time we scored a goal on the counter with the DLP playing the long ball towards the IFa, he would sometimes find him with a through ball when we were camping. One other situation that I did not foresee but was happy to note was that the MEZ would actually play the long ball towards my Ws for him to have the easy cross towards my IFa.
  5. Well the W(s) and WB(at) is something I stole from the AI and I do like the way they play together, yes they are close together and it probably isn't the best way for them to play together however there are advantages to it, my winger does tend to dribble inwards a bit(even though he doesn't have any PPM for it) so the WB does have space to run into, but it's mostly when the winger goes forwards with the ball but gets blocked by 1 or 2 players that he has the easy backpass to the WB and the attack doesn't stall too much and my favourite is that when the winger crosses but the cross gets blocked (happens a bit too often for my liking) the ball tends to deflect to an area where my WB is first to the ball. I can't drop the inside forward on support since the entire tactic revolves around him being the primary goalscorer. I have tried so many roles for my striker that I've given up on him, he does okay as a CFs, still gets too many games where his rating is 6.4 or below. I have used the more expressive TI at times. The higher tempo is there to prevent defenses from settling against me. About teams playing defensive against me, I thought it was tied to reputation and that reputation only updated twice a season, I would feel it's strange if it happened in the last 10 games of a season, just at the time that the patch hit. I'll experiment with the Dline settings though.
  6. So before patch 19.3 hit my tactic was working really well, sure there were still some kinks to sort out but when you go unbeaten for a season, you don't really complain. Now after 19.3 I noticed something was off but I can't seem to find out what it is, my tactic just became less effective it seems. I find this weird because I considered my tactic to be pretty balanced (don't hurt me if it isn't) so I never really payed attention to patches, for instance in FM18 I used the same tactic from beta till the end. Now to check if what I felt was right, I compared some stats from before the patch with after the patch. I used league matches only because European matches seem to work with a different rep system, the issue here is that I only had 10 league matches after the patch so not that big of a sample size. This is what I found: Average possession before the patch was 57.17% after the patch it was 59.3% Shots per game: before the patch 19.54, after the patch 21.6 Shots on target per game: before 7.75, after 10.2 Long shots: 5.13 vs 6.6 Clear cut chances created: 1.17 vs 1.1 Half chances: 1.71 vs 0.9 Key passes made: 8.04 vs 7.1 Everything seemed fine, sometimes even better then before the patch however the difference between half chances created before and after seems huge and it might be linked with our long shots that also went up considerably and our key passes that went down. Now on the defensive side of things, while we concede pretty much the same amount of shots, the shots on target the opposing teams have went up, from 2.58 to 3.4 shots on target. Also clear cut chances created by the opposing team went up from 0.28 to 0.5 per game. Yet we did not concede more goals. The thing that annoys me to most however is that the play during our highlights is pretty much the same, I just have fewer highlights a game. And I've tried to watch a full game however I'm not tactically adept enough to find out/see what is going wrong. So I've come here in the hopes that either someone can notice a flaw in the setup of the tactic or maybe someone with more knowledge about what the patch changed that could explain why my tactic is less effective after the patch. And after all that, here's the tactic
  7. I think all we can do at this point is wait for FM20 to come out because I don't think you can get strikers to work like in past editions which is really sad.
  8. My inside forward on the left, so in the AML position, won't cut inside because it conflicts with his PPM of "Runs with ball down the right". Should I report this as a bug or am I misunderstanding something?
  9. What does that PPM do exactly? Because I have a player who has the PPMs "Runs with ball down left" and "Cuts inside from the left wing" and I feel like those would contradict eachother.
  10. Is there an option to have a player mentor others without him transfering over his PPMs? I have Christian Eriksen who is a model citizen so a great personality to mentor others however he has the plays one-twos PPM that I don't want on my playmakers since I like to give them the PI more direct passing but that is contradicted by the "plays one-twos".
  11. When playing a winger on the right, he needs to be rightfooted to get decent crosses in. When playing an inside forward on the right and he needs to score, he needs to be leftfooted. But what of the advanced playmaker, when playing an advanced playmaker on support in the AMR spot and as someone who needs to create chances would it be better if he was left- or rightfooted? I want him to mostly play throughballs to the poacher or combine with the rest of my midfield. Also does it change if he becomes an advanced playmaker on attack, since then he'll be dribbling more and taking on opposing players 1v1?
  12. Thanks for the reply, found the thread in question, it was an interesting read especially down the comments since you made the point that many users seem to focus too much on the opposition. Pretty sure I'm one of those, time to unlearn some bad habits and have the faith to just sit on my hands and let the game play out at times. I'll link to the thread in question here.
  13. Yes, my bad, should have clarified more. I meant in the situation where you have been the better team, the team is playing well but they just haven't taken their chances.
  14. I noticed that you changed your winger to an inside forward, was that just because the player is better suited as an inside forward or something specific for this match? Also if you find yourself at 0-0 with 15 minutes to play and you are looking for the goal would you then up mentality or change some TIs like tempo? It would seem obvious to go attacking mentality to go more attacking but as you've just highlighted your attack changes so much that it could actually become worse.
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