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  1. Nah excellent explanation mate. I feel my squad is far to strong for this League.
  2. So technically they have altered the Divisions and how its set up?
  3. I read on Wiki that you get promoted if you win the 4 groups? Then I wonder did I get through because of the B teams thing? Are the play offs to decide who goes in Copa Del Rey? I'm glad everyone is baffled as I am.
  4. Anyone know the rules for promotion? I am totally baffled. I lost the play off for Promotion but still got promoted?
  5. Just feel like I like a challenge. What’s about Mourinho?
  6. I like to run my manager experience in Sunday League for the most realistic experience. Although it seems to make the game near on impossible managing in the higher Divisions. Is I it fairly impossible managing in the top leagues on this experience. On the last FM I had to drop to League 2 and build up Crewe to the Prem to build up my rep. Whats people’s thoughts?
  7. Struggling to loan out some younger players I have purchased. I am Crewe just got promoted to the Premier League and clubs are saying they are too good for the teams? Any tips? Other problem being, we have good youth facilities, when I loan players out they seem to not develop as they would in U23s. Anyone got any tips?
  8. I assume the players been poached have no contract and not in my youth squad?
  9. Anyway to stop youth players been poached? How does it work, I assume other teams have taken them out of my area and we get paid if they play for the club? Any ideas?
  10. Yeh, my theory is, I aren't playing again till its patched. Absolutely crazy. 4-5 one on ones missed all games, then lose to corner goals and 30 yard strikes.
  11. Anyone got any tips with the current 1-1 issues, forwards are missing 2-3 clear cut chances every game, granted I play 4-4-2 and with a advanced forward. I am doing fairly well with Crewe made it to the Championship just annoying watching the Match Engine at the moment.
  12. Any tips? I am quite a small side, I'd say half my goals conceded are set pieces.
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