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  1. This one is fairly annoying, 2-0 cruising then a 30 yard worlie in the 91st and stunning free kick in the 94th. My right winger has scored 16 goals out of which 10-12 of them are free kicks in one season. Bradford v York City.pkm
  2. Heres 5 from mine. Hereford v York City.pkm Nuneaton Town v York City.pkm Telford United v York City.pkm York City v Gainsborough Trinity.pkm York City v Stoke.pkm
  3. I will upload my PKMs. But can anyone explain how to do it? and what to do?
  4. Totally agree every other goal is outside the area now or free kicks. The amount is crazy!
  5. Not played it enough, at the moment, i never unistalled the drivers, simple question how do I find them to Unistall? Theres a few problems with the touchpad sometimes aswell.
  6. I have chatted to scan computer who made the laptop. They gave me the drivers to update, I did and its not made any difference, to be honest its made it worse with the touchpad not working now and then. Wonder why its only happening on FM though? Will try it with a mouse and see if it crashes at all.
  7. - Get the blue screen of death on my laptop, with the following message, driver_irql_not_less_or_equal (etdsys). - It seems to happen when I am using the Laptop touchpad, whilst on FM 2016. - I have re-installed the drivers of both the Graphics card and the touchpad with no success. - It happens on both Windows platforms. - I went a fortnight without it happening and its happened about 6 times today, for reasons I don't know.
  8. Whats the best laptop money can buy at the minute, I mean between sort of 1k price range? Well I mean a general purpose that can play FM well. Long lasting. Also need one for my business, 500-750 range.
  9. How much effect does it actually have on the game? I play as a Sunday League footballer to be a bit more realistic, however it doesn't seem to matter what I do I still struggle.
  10. Just downloaded somebodies save from the tycoon thread. Only thing is he has attributes un-masked so you can see them without scouting. Is there anyway to change this? Thanks.
  11. In the play off north semi final, does away goals count? The press conference said it did, but cannot find anything in the league rules. Response asap would be appreciated, thanks.
  12. I can remember in the old Championship Managers, maybe the early FM's, when you clicked on a club or a team, there stadium used to pop up in the background, is there anyway of still doing this?
  13. Playing as Hereford in the Conference North, the amount of times I take the lead in the first half usually by two goals, then in the second half I concede early and usually end up drawing. Letting a lead go seems to be a regular occurrence. I must admit my defence isn't what I want it to be but still. I am playing a 4-4-2, with a Control/ Fluid setting at home and Standard/ Structured away. If we do go two goals up I usually try to keep the ball more and lower these values. I have tried going defensive in say the last 75 minutes and wasting time, and have tried the other way leaving it the same on the counter, neither seem to work. My team has a very high work rate and decent stamina so they shouldn't tire. I also wondered how important is the half time team talk, really the game shouldn't swing on a team talk at half time especially if you are leading. Also any decent set piece controls for defending, I usually have 3 marking tall players, one outside the box, one on each post, a fast player staying upfront, one marking the 6 yard box zonally and the rest on man marking.
  14. In the last game I had they had 9 direct free kicks, ok I gave away 28 fouls so I guess it can be expected in that particular instance. I will have a count up as I play there just seems to be a lot of direct free kick chances.
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