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  1. Struggling to loan out some younger players I have purchased. I am Crewe just got promoted to the Premier League and clubs are saying they are too good for the teams? Any tips? Other problem being, we have good youth facilities, when I loan players out they seem to not develop as they would in U23s. Anyone got any tips?
  2. I assume the players been poached have no contract and not in my youth squad?
  3. Anyway to stop youth players been poached? How does it work, I assume other teams have taken them out of my area and we get paid if they play for the club? Any ideas?
  4. Yeh, my theory is, I aren't playing again till its patched. Absolutely crazy. 4-5 one on ones missed all games, then lose to corner goals and 30 yard strikes.
  5. Anyone got any tips with the current 1-1 issues, forwards are missing 2-3 clear cut chances every game, granted I play 4-4-2 and with a advanced forward. I am doing fairly well with Crewe made it to the Championship just annoying watching the Match Engine at the moment.
  6. Any tips? I am quite a small side, I'd say half my goals conceded are set pieces.
  7. Also this promise, how do I sort that out, without him kicking off again?
  8. Slightly unrealistic is it not maybe? The player is vice captain, hes not playing really, is it a good idea to take it away from him? I've dropped his squad status to fringe player now.
  9. Currently playing with Crewe and am 5th in the league after 10 games. I always play the game on on Sunday League experience. I have tried on 3 or 4 different saves, every save the captain kicks off as I have lost the dressing room. This is way overpowered, does not seem to matter how I am performing, the players kick off because of my reputation. Totaly unrealistic and doing my head in a bit, will end up with a discontent dressing room and results will drop for no reason what so ever. Anyone else experiencing this?
  10. On the World/ Transfers screen anyway to make transfers be selected each month, rather than the whole year?
  11. I always play Football Manager with Sunday league reputation, and no coaching badges. Finding FM20 particularly hard in the terms of players been upset about my reputation, kicking off then constantly losing. Latest save 3 players kicked off for this reason, so I sold them. I suppose my results haven’t helped but I’m wondering how much of a baring it has on the game? Anyone any tips?
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