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  1. I got it It perfectly works now. By the way, is it possible to modify the maximum value of player attributes beyond 25 in this way such as pace and jumping..? Thank you all
  2. I tried what you explained but couldn't find the folder you mentioned above. There seem to be no subfolers of FM19 Editor in my FM19 version unfortunately.. Thanks anyway for your tip.
  3. Hi, thanks for your effort. I have a question. How did you create 36 group in group stage? The max no. of group allowed in the editor is 26. I tried many times to set 32 group myself but couldnt..
  4. Hi guys, I am currently modifying worldwide champions league. I am now stuck in some issue regarding the setting group stage. I just attached the screenshot to show where I am having problem and highlighted it. The editor is primarily limiting the maximum number of groups in group stage in 26 groups. However, I found out that someone invalidated this limitation as he created 32 groups as shown in the screenshot.(I don't know how he did it) So I myself tried to create 32 or more groups but every time i try, it is always limited in 26 groups total.
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