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  1. I used to manage Man United but then i left that club for a club in the championship but now i no longer have the option to declare top target anyone know why ? both those option just shows blank and i dont know why ? https://gyazo.com/9aba0229b235d979a374d87553a933ee
  2. I just had this hapen to me again but this time in a champions league final are you guys aware of that aswell https://gyazo.com/0c3fcec048b0b9e7a155c65ba9f40b57 ???
  3. Hapens to me aswell also just hapend to me on Champions League finall
  4. So i got my team to the champions league final again but most of my players went on nationall duty https://gyazo.com/0c3fcec048b0b9e7a155c65ba9f40b57 This has hapend to me before and i really want this to get fixed aswell I whil upload my save but i dont remember how to do it
  5. https://gyazo.com/ec5a4f2be358828041a9a4af17c0dd90 ^^^^^^ its in Swedish but i think you know English Premier League wage increases withing FFP rules in Premier League
  6. First season with Man United i sold Chris smalling chelsea 20 million Darmian 17 million china Valencia 8 million newcastle ashely young 1,3 million everton season 2 Matic 28 million As Monaco Alexis Sanches 70 million Chelsea Jesse Lingard 63 million Tottenham LOL Marcus Rojo 23 million Cardiff fellaini 19 million Fiorntina Joel Periera Tottenham 27 million LOL Side note Guardiola managed tottenham dude always gotta spend that money he left later to atletico madrid season 3 De gea 101 million
  7. So im currently failing the Premier league financil rules on my Man United save. So i got an offer for David De Gea fore 110 million so i decided to sell him in hopes to get the financial wages part green but im still failing it is there any way to see how mutch im failing on the wages ?
  8. https://gyazo.com/fc30b1803b7577c8d4671c701d122221 Thats how the squad looked like 2 random the rest is regens on the edge of breaking in the first time except except and like 4 backup/reserve
  9. I tried again try now Man United England.fm Sertch for that maybi if you cant find it
  10. Im playing as Manchester United and as England manager in right now all of my players are on national duty so i wounder why do i have a supercup during nation break when litterly all my a- team players are away on nationa duty? Is this a bug ? https://gyazo.com/5bdce191394149cadfdba42e8a3c1135
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