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  1. Please respond to my suggestion, folks. I think it's a good one for the next versions. 🤞
  2. Hi everyone, my name is Dênis and I am (one more) a Brazilian in love with Football Manager. My suggestion/request is quite simple, actually: I would like the possibility to be implemented of coaching the clubs' junior teams, so that, if we are successful, we can coach the first team from the same club - that is, a more realistic progression. An example of this would be: getting employed by coaching Milan's under-20 team (playing in existing championships such as Primavera 1, etc.) and, by doing a good job, being considered for a spot in Milan's top team - just as it happens anywhere in the world -. I don't really understand how much weight this would bring in the day-to-day processing of the game, but since we already have all the base teams calendars available daily on FM - as well as reserve teams, under-23, etc -, I think it's simpler (?) to implement. I hope so. What do you think? 💜😉
  3. By God, where is the "Analysis" tab that shows my players' average positioning? Instead of this duplicate information tab that descends from the scoreboard, why not put a field with the average positioning of the teams there? It would be infinitely more useful and better!
  4. I'm missing being able to fix the window with game statistics / information during the games. The information that descends automatically (below the scoreboard) is repetitive and unnecessary - It is much better to have the option to customize the match statistics window (as it always has been) than the window to automatically descend and repeat the same information. the custom window -. Another thing that bothered me was the difficulty of finding tabs that contain relevant information (since always), like the average positioning during the matches (before I just went to Analysis, now I have to wait for the match to end). The ideal is to simplify things, not hinder - regardless of the amount of content -. Lastly, we have too many windows and (unnecessary) infos. in this version. For example before games and during press conferences. Many icons, windows, etc. What did you think?
  5. Guys, I tried a lot of things, but, my players are duplicated. How I can fix that?
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