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  1. @Valeria Graff - is the only to go back to a certain point in the match to rewind all the way? That's a downgrade from the timeline IMO.
  2. When you're making changes during a match the 'confirm changes' button disappears. You have to click back to the main team lineup part to save changes. Would be handy not to have the extra click.
  3. Thought I'd report that Ferran Torres and Wesley Fofana are listed for loan. They've both contributed well to their clubs this season so I think this should be changed.
  4. Could someone post a few screenshots of how young talents like Luke Thomas, Max Bird, Jayden Bogle, Kyle McAllister, Louie Sibley, Max Lowe and Duane Holmes look beyond 2023/4?
  5. @quee - you could buy him now and then loan him out so he's getting experience in Serie B. Then register him in your squad later on.
  6. I'll certainly take that in my first season on FM19. Ultimatley, we could have finished in the top 4, in April and May we had some terrible results such as 0-0 with Chievo, Cagliari and Sampdoria as well as 1-1's with Sassuolo, Spal to the positives and know we can reach the Champions League places if we improve a small amount. My shot analysis against Chievo, not quite sure how we didn't score! In my off season I have plenty of work to do, I think keeping hold of Simeone and Chiesa will be where I start. Simeone's contract still has a €24m release clause for Champions League cl
  7. I have just finished my first season on FM19, I managed Fiorentina to 5th spot, just outside of the Champions League spots. I'm really pleased with the way that we played and I'm looking to improve upon that next season. At various points in the season, I've been looking through different stats to see if my tactic is working the way that I'd like it too. We're having success scoring goals in the right areas, assisting goals in the areas that I'd like. The way we attack is varied and all three front men (Chiesa, Muriel and Simeone) have been contributing goals and assists. Overall, I'm fai
  8. We just got battered by Inter in the Coppa Italia final.
  9. Cheers @rafaelbenitez - sorry to hear about your sacking, hopefully, you can get back on track with the new Touch save. Being new to FM19, I'm really wary of the new Dynamics feature, I've been trying to be nice to everyone! Sometimes I think FM is more morale manager, I've been conscious of this so far and have been praising players match and training performances on a regular basis. This has actually led me to be labelled as Federico Chiesa's favoured personnel, which in light of recent contract negotiations and interest from many European clubs has been favourable for me. That leads me on t
  10. Looks like a nice setup @rafaelbenitez - are you aiming for high possession? Looks like you're system is inspired by @herne79 's recent thread. I have something similar with the addition of a DLP, which I'll deploy against certain lower teams. Cracking season @Chelski Shogun - I bet you're glad you steered clear of the promotion playoffs. They seem difficult to get out of in Serie C. I like the look of Agnaldo, good luck with Serie B! - For me, things started well. My low defensive block worked wonders against Napoli and Juventus, I'm really satisfied with the counter-attack
  11. Sounds like you've had a great start to the season @rafaelbenitez - how have you set the team up?
  12. I too started a save with La Viola this week, it's my first FM19 save after spending some years playing FM17. I've disabled the first transfer window and tried to evaluate each player in the squad and see how I expect them to fit into the team. I'm retraining Giovanni Simeone as an inside forward and Vitor Hugo is being retrained as an anchor man. My idea is to play what the game calls a 4-1-4-1DM Wide which is a 4-1-2-3 in my eyes. The front 5 will have license to attack, roam and create whilst the defence, defend. At times, like my first match against Juventus, my idea is to have a solid def
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