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  1. Left centerback always stay at the back even if i add set pieces training to schedule before a match
  2. @Quads The new board and their transfers, when from 100m+ budget you are stayed with no money on other transfers, high wages that will make you in a moment in minus, because all new players refuse any loan offers and transfer offers and you can and only after half a year you can sell them somehow, which is not easy with their earnings and you can be sure that at the takeover by a wealthy investor you will lose what you have earned on transfers of players, at which you meticulously set training etc. The game is punishing you for successful playing and which makes you lose the desire to play bec
  3. @Quads because it's killing the game. For example, I had one save where i started from the bottom without any license and with the worst possible manager stats, where all my transfers are doing by DoF. But on this save i wanted to mainly earn money and become the richest club. I just want to play in a diffrent way, but as you can see it's impossible.
  4. @Quadsthey spent money that i would use for improve training facilities etc. It's radicilous when the new chairman buy club for not even a half money that he is using to buy players using money that were in club before takeover
  5. @Quads so it's not better if the game allows you to choose how we want to play, as it was before? Someone who wanted some realism played with DoF, but you had a choice. Why should I accept that youth development challenges, etc., saves are not feasible, because the management will spend all the money in one window for 3 players on one position?
  6. @Quads This game is moving in a direction where you will only setup tactic and if you want to win, use gegenpressing, because others aren't effectively (bad match engine). This is how relism increases, but at the same time you kill the joy of the game, because less and less depends on you
  7. @sidslayer I manage FC Sion, a club from the Swiss league. I skip the fact that Chelsea has agreed to a nearly 100 million Fortune's transfer, but he was destroying this league, so somehow I understand it, but the fact that the new board on the day of entry to the club wastes 80% of the money that was to be spent on training facilities and the new stadium I can't understand and I can't accept that. This is f***ing joke
  8. I know you really want to increase immersion, but I paid for the game and want to do what I want in my saves. The new board after the takeover buys 2 players, it cannot be canceled. It feels like the game is punishing me for develop young players and selling them Now my save is completely unplayable for me.
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