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  1. Agreed. It could be a good addition but signing random players in already filled positions isn't fun, totally understand why it was implemented as you said west ham is a good example... but in your case and my case a lesser team spending the full budget is just kinda never going to happen.
  2. Yeah I get that it can be a good twist for some, in my case though it was kind of just annoying because the player signed is going to be my 4/5th choice Centre back and cost me more than anyone else in my squad and I usually keep my transfer budget for agent fees etc because money is tight in the lower leagues. Hope it doesn't happen again lol!
  3. Thank god someone agrees with me, seen a post from earlier in the year where people agreed its a good addition. For me that is nearly enough to put me of my save. The new owners even offered a contract to someone I had planned to offer a pre-contract to... obviously offering a poor contract that the player declined allowing another team to swoop in. I'm pretty sure in real life the owners would at least ask the manager what his opinion is of a transfer, I know that some managers don't have a say in the matter but cmon I'm managing a league 1 side and there is no chance that would hap
  4. Having just been promoted to league 1 with scunthorpe I was allocated 60k transfer budget. The club was then bought over and the new owners bought Jordan Mcghee from dundee for 55k! There was absolutely no way of cancelling this transfer either. I get that in the top leagues this may happen but very unrealistic in the lower leagues to blow the full transfer budget on 1 player.
  5. I literally just fired up a new Falkirk save! In previous football managers it has just been the 1 chairman and no MSG so its always been fine to work with on FM lol!
  6. Yeah he is part of the MSG, he is probably the most disliked out them currently! sorry I read the question wrong lol!
  7. Hi, This is because most of the fans wanted the MSG out, basically a group of people who own the largest percentage of the club. They are too blame for the club being run so poorly, for example when we signed Ray it was done without Morton's permission resulting in a large fine, also the closing of the academy. So at the end of the season and still to this day falkirk fans have been trying to get the MSG out, part of the MSG were Andy Campbell & Margaret Lang who both resigned after the protests against them and Falkirk fans still want the rest of the MSG to follow. The on
  8. Absolutely the best decision, Ray is a terrible manager and can't get the players fighting. Should have been sacked 6 months ago when he got us relegated. We have the biggest budget by a mile and barely had a shot on target. Here is a video to show you how bad it is from the stands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SK6z8A7rkS0
  9. He's been average, for someone so tall how can someone be so bad in the air lol, had a few goals tbf.
  10. They have indeed, been very poor though... hard to watch
  11. Definitely my favourite way to play football manager is signing players on the cheap then selling for profit. Tend to get to the English premiership and just get bored with all the big fees etc.
  12. Yes there is a split, only for the Scottish premiership though! No problem at all my friend, I am doing the exact same thing, doing a short term save then as soon as the full game is released I will begin my Falkirk save. Good luck
  13. One of the major reasons with the fans discontent with the board, also the takeover was called of today adding fuel to the fire. Yeah that’s correct! The league 1 play of is different from the championship playoff which is very confusing! In league 1 there are 4 play of games but in the championship a team can play up to 6 if they finish 4th, hard to get your head around lol positive in league 1 the team who finished 4th play the team who finished 2nd bottom in the championship and then 3rd vs 2nd in league 1, then the winners of that play a final.
  14. Fingers crossed its the latter, not as if they add massive changed every year.
  15. None whatsoever, very annoying! was upgrading all my facilities as I went spending millions, junior coaching etc and never had 1 intake!
  16. Yeah as he said above it was as they thought by scrapping the youth setup they would have a couple hundred thousand pounds extra every year to invest into the first team budget which did not work whatsoever as they are all duds, also this season hasn't started very well either... forfar away tomorrow
  17. Does anyone know if the FM beta runs slower as its the Beta? Slightly worried as on previous FMs i had 4/5 star performance however on this new game i only get 0.5. Laptop should not be the problem as its 5 months old. Thanks
  18. Hi Silly question but how do instalments work when selling players? say for example I sell someone with instalments of 1 million 6 monthly in June will the full 1 million go back into my transfer budget or will this go back into my club finances. Or will it go back into my transfer budget at the rate of revenue i receive say for example 15%. Thanks
  19. Anyone have any ideas why my player is getting worse not better, all of his stats have dropped 1 at least. This seems to happen to a number of young players who don't really get better. Thanks
  20. Sounds great, always enjoy it more whist reading other peoples updates... will be good to see a falkirk one as well.
  21. thank you very much, and best of luck when fm20 comes out!
  22. I just recently managed to win the league, took to my 5/6th season... definitely my fav save; managing your club always is though.
  23. I think this save is just meant to be for you LOL Pretty exited to see how he does for us this season, however his goal stats are poor throughout his career especially last season for motherwell. That being said he should bang them in dropping 2 leagues lower but we shall see.
  24. Thats exactly what i would try and do mate, probably the only way. The reason for that is as league 1/2 is mostly part time football, players would't want to leave their full time jobs for a lesser wage if you get me. For example Rory Mcallister has had many premier league offers but would need to give up his own company he runs, and Blair Henderson does finance so would be a no brainier playing part time and still being on more money at the end of the day. As for Goodwillie no club would touch him as the backlash from fans would be massive and just not wort
  25. Getting the tactic right is always the hardest bit for me, usually my first season is always a complete write of going many games without a point then usually it clicks( only really enjoy playing in lower leagues) ; also adding players in the first season is hard as without any sort of a budget to work with and all decent players being signed up its kind of a dead end lol. Your tactic needs to be absolute shi*ehousery for the first season, then second season hopefully get a decent enough team. I really wish i could help with the tactic but its pretty difficult, I mean how do you stop Ryan
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