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  1. Hi Silly question but how do instalments work when selling players? say for example I sell someone with instalments of 1 million 6 monthly in June will the full 1 million go back into my transfer budget or will this go back into my club finances. Or will it go back into my transfer budget at the rate of revenue i receive say for example 15%. Thanks
  2. Anyone have any ideas why my player is getting worse not better, all of his stats have dropped 1 at least. This seems to happen to a number of young players who don't really get better. Thanks
  3. Sounds great, always enjoy it more whist reading other peoples updates... will be good to see a falkirk one as well.
  4. thank you very much, and best of luck when fm20 comes out!
  5. I just recently managed to win the league, took to my 5/6th season... definitely my fav save; managing your club always is though.
  6. I think this save is just meant to be for you LOL Pretty exited to see how he does for us this season, however his goal stats are poor throughout his career especially last season for motherwell. That being said he should bang them in dropping 2 leagues lower but we shall see.
  7. Thats exactly what i would try and do mate, probably the only way. The reason for that is as league 1/2 is mostly part time football, players would't want to leave their full time jobs for a lesser wage if you get me. For example Rory Mcallister has had many premier league offers but would need to give up his own company he runs, and Blair Henderson does finance so would be a no brainier playing part time and still being on more money at the end of the day. As for Goodwillie no club would touch him as the backlash from fans would be massive and just not worth it.
  8. Getting the tactic right is always the hardest bit for me, usually my first season is always a complete write of going many games without a point then usually it clicks( only really enjoy playing in lower leagues) ; also adding players in the first season is hard as without any sort of a budget to work with and all decent players being signed up its kind of a dead end lol. Your tactic needs to be absolute shi*ehousery for the first season, then second season hopefully get a decent enough team. I really wish i could help with the tactic but its pretty difficult, I mean how do you stop Ryan Dow with a defense like that... just not easy lol!
  9. Probably with berwick rangers the hardest job you can take in Scotland, probably borderline impossible to have even any success with the shamble of a team; their results reflect how poor they are all though some how managed to escape relegation with a fantastic run at the tail end of the season; manager worked wonders lol! as you mentioned the opposition is not easy either, Goodwillie scored 30+ for me in the championship when i signed him so i can imagine he is like Ronaldo in that league, also Rory mcallister for peterhead and Blair Henderson for Edinburgh city are very good players. My idea of hell managing them, only really way forward is to use loans but pretty sure there is a cap of 5 loanees to dig the pain deeper.
  10. Yeah, that’s him and nice one I’ll have a read mate
  11. Falkirk has always been wealthy with income from tickets & transfers but admittedly will have suffered heavily in being relegated with the board blowing loads on 3 different teams & tapping up Ray mckinnon resulting in a fine, half the fans are not buying season tickets till this board are gone. We must be fine though as we have brought players like michael tidser to the club who will be on more in league 1 than he would be in the champ. Also Will Vaulks had a 20% clause in his contract so we will get 20% of his fee going to cardiff(2.1m). Thank god for him and what an unbelievable player btw. Yeah lol, pretty embarrassing that he didn't apologise as it was clearly not true and was proven in court. Even when falkirk fans had a red card against racism display he didn't seem to bother that much and didn't apologise, pretty embarrassing seeing your club on the front of BBC sport for all the wrong reasons. The damage was done and falkirks rep was made out to be pretty bad. Seems the thing he is most famous for is that so his career is most definitely done lol
  12. So yeah basically it has nothing to do with money as Falkirk do have decent sums, however the board have managed to waste quite a bit and in this position due to them, would make a great save in either game and good luck
  13. Also the board somehow managed to illegally hire ray McKinnon from Morton ( current manager) resulting in a fat fine 🤣
  14. As a falkirk fan I can say that that is nonsense, the demise has nothing to do with a 4th stand as this was only in the initial planning and has never been talked about since; with an average attendance of 5000 why would a 4th stand we needed when the stadium without is just below 8. Also the temp stand has been removed since being relegated from the premiership over 10 years ago. The thing stopping falkirk has nothing to do with money considering we were and still would be one of the wealthiest in the league. The MSG ( group of idiots) who run the club has drowned us with monumental errors for some time especially since the play of final, one of the biggest being hiring Paul Hartley who signed 16 duds last summer who are now all released. Also scraping the academy was pretty stupid considering we have made large profits from this, you can google for yourself all the other errors like blaming fans for certain stuff. The club are also in takeover talks but unfortunately the idiots currently who are in charge seem to want one more year.
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