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  1. Thanks Alistair, on social media a few other people on switch reported the same issue: I will get some stats and upload screenshots.
  2. For some reason on switch the shots to goal ratio is bonkers! This this for example: MU vs LIV (I am Man U) MU Stats Shots - 28 On target - 22 LIV stats Shots - 9 On target - 4 Result: MU 0 - 2 LIV This is not a one off, happens through the season and in European games. Thoughts?
  3. Thanks Alistair, i didn't know the "R" button existed.
  4. Just a question on the director of football. I have started a new game as Man United and I can't make any of my own transfers, I add them to the list for the DoF and he makes all the bids - all failed bids in my case. Am I missing something? I have ensured I am responsible for transfers in the options.
  5. Can you load in tactics for the switch that you have downloaded? I see the option for LOAD, but it finds nothing.
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