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  1. Hello Hugo, Thanks for your reply. It only happens when I try to handle, the current workaround I do is to ask my assistant to handle it. Also it only happens in the Brazil national team, Santos team briefing can be handled by myself with no crash. Kind regards, William
  2. Hello all, I'm a FM player in Mac OS X, and never had any issues with my FM files, but there's a first for every thing, right? Anyways, I have a save of Oct. 2024 which I'm the manager of Santos FC and the Brazil National Team. By some weird reason, I can't handle team briefing, the system crashes without generating a crash dump or error log, to make things worse. I'm attaching the screenshot before the error and the screenshot of the actual error. I also uploaded the save file in the SI Cloud Service as the third screenshot shows. Recommendations I've followed to try to fix the error: Delete Preferences and Caches Verify Integrity of the Game File Which lead me to a sad problem, I had all Brazilian team names corrected on this save, and after doing the steps above, Santos FC became SAN... I changed the names on the database using the pre-game editor but it was to no avail, so from what I read on other forums, I'll only be able to play as "Santos" instead of "SAN" if I start a new game? Isn't any other way to restore this? Thanks and kind regards, William
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