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  1. chas can you upload your tactic or even try mine if you could see if you can see whats going wrong?
  2. same here never thought that before but its just really noticeable this year and its really frustrating as this is costing me crucial matches etc as i never replay matches
  3. I am sick and tired of absolutely dominating games and then either losing 1-0 or drawing 1-1.... for example i played stoke i had 46 shots 34 from inside the box and 65% possession and they had 2 shots in total and won 1-0 from a 30 yard long shot are you for real this is not a fluke coincidence as this is happening time and time again over and over...wing backs getting into a great crossing position 2 guys clear in the box hits shot into side netting instruction take less risks shoot less often, cross more often, cross from by line this happens at least 5 times per match! My tactic is attached below Trio 4231 Narrow.fmf
  4. it seems alot of saves are getting stuck and crashing around this date.... mine was stuck on may 15th! apparently theres nothing they can do so you will have to start your save again...as you can tell im not happy!
  5. I could do that but I'm basically 5 seasons in...I do the same thing every year and never had this problem is there no fix at all for this your side?
  6. Yes the license name fix and I just cleared scunthorpe debt and gave them a little money injection nothing to major though
  7. i have just created a thread aswell... mine crashes on the 15th of may aswell but different year
  8. My save with scunthorpe united crashes on the same day i have been working on this save for a long time... i am literally 1 game away from getting scunthorpe united into the champions league it is the same day every time may 15th i have tried every fix on the internet verify files in steam delete all installed graphics update graphics card clear cache, preferences etc ive signed up for beta launched in windows mode launced in direct 9 mode through steam launch options and so on....... resign manager, go on holiday nothing works please help as i dont want to start all over again also i have seen many other threads where the game crash dumps during may this need to be addressed internally i do have a few leagues in the game and large database but i have a Good PC and it can handle it easily! DxDiag.txt FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.01 22.42.40).dmp have uploaded save to the si cloud its called trio129- crash please fix.fm
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