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  1. Just uninstalled and reinstalled and it's still freezing at the same point and it's just this save that's crashing
  2. it freezes as soon as I advance and the Ajax save isn’t mine it’s someone else’s .I have tried deleting caches and preferences as well and still crashing
  3. Yea okay I’ll try that . Tested that before but wasn’t on public beta
  4. yes i'll try again but pretty sure i followed instructions.The reason its 19.3.4 instead on 19.3.5 is because i switched back
  5. Done this and still hasn't worked i have tried on 2 computers so don't think it's a computer issue so don't know what else to try
  6. no believe its just when selecting if you want small, medium or large i went with advanced
  7. Yes i am but i removed logos and face packs to see if that was the problem and was still unable to progress
  8. Im currently managing St Johnstone and every time I try and process past 15th May 2019 my save will crash.I have tried deleting logo and face packs and deleting caches and updating drivers and none of these solutions have worked.If anyone knows a fix or is willing to look at the save and find out would the problem may be that would be greatly appreciated.
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