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  1. I've been through these steps and so far so good. I have yet to experience a crash on 2 start ups so hopefully that's it fixed. If I still encounter regular crashes i'll post here. Thanks for your help!
  2. This didn't work and I received this crash dump on the first attempt: FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.20 15.59.30).dmp
  3. I get crashes while giving feedback, clicking a button, while loading up a save, clicking a player on the squad screen and many other things. The most recent crash dumps are below: FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.19 21.25.57).dmp FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.19 21.55.18).dmp FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.20 12.11.39).dmp FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.20 12.42.15).dmp FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.20 12.52.30).dmp
  4. The game crashes on loading up and in the squad screen. Below is the error I get:
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