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  1. still playing friendlies! takes me ages to get through pre season. yeah, trying 4231, but I have a 433 as backup aswell. my first league game is home to bilbao!
  2. I don't know a lot about Sociedad, and the style of play they choose, but I guess they try to play vertical tika taka? so il prob go 4231 with oyarzabel drifting in from the left? I think he does that irl?
  3. me too. but I have no idea how to fit odegaard,oyarzabel,isak,willian and januzaj in?
  4. thinking of doing a lille save. obviously I know what the endgame is, but is this league enjoyable? are lille a good team to try with?
  5. I went for Sociedad in the end. they have a lot of Spanish players, and over the years I have tried saves with the other 2, bit to no avail. plus Sociedad are doing well this year, so thought I would see how well I can do with them. prob take about ten years to win the league!
  6. im looking to do la liga save. im torn between, sevilla,valencia and real Sociedad?
  7. I know there is a thread for bmg, but thought more people may be on here with results? just wondered if anyone has had a good save with them?
  8. ive just started a real Sociedad save, and am wondering what his best position is?
  9. right, so now im torn. im torn between 3 saves. roma as I have a soft spot for them, and they have zaniolo, ac milan as they need to get back to the top, and I may bring back their xmas tree formation, or Atalanta as they are up and coming and have potential.
  10. may I see your formation please? im gonna decide after dinner on either roma or Atalanta?
  11. im torn now between roma and Atalanta? I have a soft spot for roma since the holy trinity days and they have zaniolo! but Atalanta play a different formation to most which I like, and they are an attractive side.
  12. is this how your lining up in season 2? what role you have zaniolo?
  13. oh,like I said im no genius. I got this tactic from fm scout.
  14. like I said, im not genius, and I like to try and play the way the team does in real life?
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