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  1. i do have a soft spot for sevilla. on fm 20 my 2 spanish saves will be sevilla or atletico madrid. im not gonna do both. i got my other saves for different leagues sorted. i like sevilla because they dont play the usual formation, but will interested to see how they fit all the new players in? so may do a seviila save till fm20.
  2. oh right. well despite what i said, i do fancy sporting lisbon. because i have been there and benfica will be to easy and dont fancy porto.
  3. hay. im looking to do a new save where i raid the south american market. the likes of almada,almendra, vargas etc. just wondering what team(s) are best to do this? or do this in real life? im not sure about france or portugal as they are very boring leagues, so thinking spain?
  4. looks good mate! i quite fancy valencia now. i like to raid the south american market too. 433 looks good. what role you have for soler and rodrigo?
  5. i like the idea of the glory days of valencia. you have a different line up to what they use irl? what your first 11?
  6. Thought about a roma save but they just dont seem right to me. thinking of a napoli save. not sure about tactic. i see they play 442. anyone tried a save with them?
  7. oh right. what roles you have for under,zaniolo and pellegrini?
  8. 442 with roma? where you play under? hows the money situation?
  9. im tempted with a roma save. what formation you using? any good signings? id love a midfield of zaniolo,pellegrini and barella.
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