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  1. that is an insane team! how did you get them all? im thinking of a bmg save myself after i finish my arsenal one.
  2. oh right. may i ask what formation you used please?
  3. anyone got an rbl or bmg save going on? just wondered on how people are doing? i like rbl but they have so many variations they could play, its confusing! bmg may be a bit more straightforward.
  4. im very excited for a bundesliga save. im torn between rbl or bmg? rbl will be easier, im sure, and i dont have tons of hours spare to play the game.
  5. im an arsenal fan, since 87, and this is the worst team ive seen. im doing my first fm 21 save with them. im actually in january forst season, not doing bad,in 4th, so thats thats a start! but after last night, and with xhaka not actually first choice in my team, boom, i put him i the transfer list! complete idiot he is! cant sell him though.....
  6. good going mate. what is your formation? my favourite is 4231, but i think i should go for 41221 really. have someone protect the back 2 as the fullbacks bomb forward.
  7. il prob go with 4231 or 433, im not into fancy tactics and def not clever enough to invent one. i dont have a lot of time to work out why my players are not doing certain things, etc. i like the control possesion or vertical tika taka stuff. def want to usa an advanced or pressing fwd aswell.
  8. i love your write ups too! its all very interesting. im an arsenal fan i real, so always start a save with them, hopefully do better than the idiots in real life aswell. im just curious at your tactics? im rubbish with tactics, so like to look at others to get an idea. thanks!
  9. my team, arsenal. and i have a list of other teams to choose from. spain-real sociedead,atletico madrid and sevilla. germany-bvb,hertha and bmg. italy-roma,atalanta,milan and napoli. france-rennes. i just gotta choose one team from the leagues that i have chosen more than 1.
  10. still playing friendlies! takes me ages to get through pre season. yeah, trying 4231, but I have a 433 as backup aswell. my first league game is home to bilbao!
  11. I don't know a lot about Sociedad, and the style of play they choose, but I guess they try to play vertical tika taka? so il prob go 4231 with oyarzabel drifting in from the left? I think he does that irl?
  12. me too. but I have no idea how to fit odegaard,oyarzabel,isak,willian and januzaj in?
  13. thinking of doing a lille save. obviously I know what the endgame is, but is this league enjoyable? are lille a good team to try with?
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