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  1. i was tempted. i was choosing between them,sevilla and sociedad. im not the best around so opted for your rivals!
  2. 4231, never thought of that formation. i was gonna go for a 4123 formation. what was your best 11?
  3. oh right. im gonna go with sevilla i think. may i ask what tactic you used?
  4. Ok thanks. I'm torn between, Valencia, sociedad or sevilla. Just dont want to struggle with no money.
  5. I'm looking for a team in probably Spain or italy that likes to raid the south American talent? Also has a bit of cash. I'm thinking ac milan or roma for italy. I like the look of Seville, but I would like a team that has a decent budget at the end of the season?
  6. Anyone done a sevilla save save? any good? what are the financials like?
  7. kaio jorge anyone? transfer history aswell? thanks!
  8. I wish the likes of rennes, lyon and lille were in a better league. anyone point me in the right direction of similar teams in spain,italy or germany? i would really like to exploit the south american market aswell. for the likes of menino,calegari, kaio jorge etc. i know portulgal is a good place to start, but again, would prefer a better league. thanks!
  9. Anyone how roma's finances are looking after a few seasons? Think I want to try a save with them and try to bring back the holy trinity days. Zaniolo as the trequartista.
  10. I'm looking to be a team in either Spain, Germany or italy that are not the obvious ones, but have a good set of youngsters, decent amount of money and for an amateur like me, could actually win the league in 5 seasons?
  11. Thinking of doing an RBL save, or is it too easy? i dont get a lot of time to play fm, and def am not clever enough to get my second choice for a save(bmg) to win the bundesliga. Also they have so many players and loads of different formations, it could get confusing! or gas anyone had success with bmg?
  12. that is an insane team! how did you get them all? im thinking of a bmg save myself after i finish my arsenal one.
  13. oh right. may i ask what formation you used please?
  14. anyone got an rbl or bmg save going on? just wondered on how people are doing? i like rbl but they have so many variations they could play, its confusing! bmg may be a bit more straightforward.
  15. im very excited for a bundesliga save. im torn between rbl or bmg? rbl will be easier, im sure, and i dont have tons of hours spare to play the game.
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