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  1. may i ask what your 1st eleven is please? ive just fired up my viola save tonight,trying to find a decent tactic to incorporate 3 defenders and wingbacks.
  2. im tempted with a la viola save. have you settled on a tactic yet? im not sure if my management skills are enough to get them to the top, but i can try!
  3. was this your first season tactic? cant believe you sold zubimendi and zubeldia?
  4. I'm the same. It looks a lovely place. I had a good save with them a few years ago. I just hate being a team with not much money. But they do look good.
  5. Thinking of doing a fiorentina save? Anyone else done one? Any good?
  6. i was tempted. i was choosing between them,sevilla and sociedad. im not the best around so opted for your rivals!
  7. 4231, never thought of that formation. i was gonna go for a 4123 formation. what was your best 11?
  8. oh right. im gonna go with sevilla i think. may i ask what tactic you used?
  9. Ok thanks. I'm torn between, Valencia, sociedad or sevilla. Just dont want to struggle with no money.
  10. I'm looking for a team in probably Spain or italy that likes to raid the south American talent? Also has a bit of cash. I'm thinking ac milan or roma for italy. I like the look of Seville, but I would like a team that has a decent budget at the end of the season?
  11. Anyone done a sevilla save save? any good? what are the financials like?
  12. kaio jorge anyone? transfer history aswell? thanks!
  13. I wish the likes of rennes, lyon and lille were in a better league. anyone point me in the right direction of similar teams in spain,italy or germany? i would really like to exploit the south american market aswell. for the likes of menino,calegari, kaio jorge etc. i know portulgal is a good place to start, but again, would prefer a better league. thanks!
  14. Anyone how roma's finances are looking after a few seasons? Think I want to try a save with them and try to bring back the holy trinity days. Zaniolo as the trequartista.
  15. I'm looking to be a team in either Spain, Germany or italy that are not the obvious ones, but have a good set of youngsters, decent amount of money and for an amateur like me, could actually win the league in 5 seasons?
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