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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I did try this out for a couple of games and did see much better chances. I added work ball into box as too many shots were taken and wasted and that helped. Was wondering why you would set the DCR as stay wider though? Is this solely to provide more cover for the WB? It's an interesting option and tbh I did not know you could set that as I usually leave CBs as they are. I would also be really interested in how you would utilize a player like Fernandes. I have played him mostly as the RMD along with Tavera but was considering him as an option for the striker role perhaps? Or as a wide creative option considering he has high flair and vision and passing. As for the older players, only TAA and possibly Alisson will really play a part next season as their attributes are still stable. VVD has lost his pace so I might play him as the HB next season.
  2. Thanks for the response! I did try out F9 and I certainly see more link up and my RMD getting into much better positions and chances. Would this reduce central penetration? I see that a little with the few games I tried F9. Or it could be the sheer number of opp players packed tightly that prevents this anyway
  3. Hi everyone, I am currently in my 7th season at Liverpool and I believe I have quite a strong squad at the moment. However, with most teams starting to park the bus against us, I am beginning to struggle with getting free flowing attacking moves going as I'm sure most others are as well. The problem I have is that play seems a bit too rushed but when I drop the tempo or mentality, I lose the penetration. It ends up with pointless and one dimensional crossing and shots from outside the box. I am winning consistently but the chances created are often not clear cut and the play is getting stale. I have tinkered around with various formations and trying to fit my best players but would now like to reach out to the community for ideas on how you would set up a tactic with all my best players (Mostly regens at this point). I definitely want to build the team around both Berard and Fernandes. Along with a peak Joe Gomez, TAA and Geubbels, I have quite a strong spine but just having trouble getting them to click. Any tips are appreciated!
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