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  1. England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Holland, Portugal as the 7 main leagues and then either Belgium, Denmark or Scotland as the 8th. I'd rather have more choice at the start of a new game rather than the 4 you're allowed. Also I like to look at the stats throughout the leagues I select mainly at the end of the season. The only problem with that is, if I don't select for example France or Holland as one of my four leagues at the start I can't find any stats from their leagues . (average rating, top goalscorer, assists etc.)
  2. I feel that with the capabilities of mobile phones today FMM should be able to increase the staring leagues from 4 to 8.
  3. But to see a club like Manchester City spend 95 million pounds and get relegated shows that the club had very poor recruitment. Love this great game you provide for us year on year.
  4. And you will be happy to see that Brighton are in the Champions League for the season 2033/34.
  5. This is a bit unrealistic in the footballing world but as a Man United fan I'm loving Man City playing in the Championship next season. On the other hand winning the Premier League with Hereford FC after bringing them all the way from the National League North in 14 years shows that anything is possible. Also: FA Cup and Europa League Winners, (Champions League Runners-Up) Great game year on year, might upgrade to the full PC version if there is one released this year.
  6. I completely agree with that as seen by Portsmouth in 2010 when they were a Premier League club but for the club to survive they went into administration, meaning they were docked points. After those two steps were taken the club sold their players to keep the creditors happy. This doesn't just happen to large clubs it happens to clubs throughout the football pyramid.
  7. Points deduction (-10 or -12 points) for teams who become bankrupt within the game just to give the realism of real life football (no liquidation due to your licensing just a points deduction). You could implement the points deduction at the start of the next season you play. If you are the manager of a team that is given a points deduction or take over a team with a points deduction then I feel that this would create a good challenge to see if you could survive.
  8. I would love to see a 3D match engine as the 2D match engine is getting a bit out of date for the mobile version. Also I would like the ability to start with more countries and leagues when you enter career mode. You start with 4, maybe they could up it to 6 or 7. Finally a bigger expansion on tactics, more options are needed.
  9. When I talk to a player the boxes are empty with no words in, so I'm unsure what my interaction with them are. I can see last match, current form but when I press on any of those the rest of the boxes are blank.
  10. Football Manager Mobile has been a great game year on year improving all the time but there is one area of the game that I would like to see associated with the mobile game. That is Points Deduction for English teams for those who struggle financially throughout the game. Obviously teams can't be liquidated due to licensing but maybe a 12 point deduction just like real life. At the start of the season or during the season depending on the cut off date during the season. Would it be possible in implement this into this season's game or would it be something that could be implemented into next season's game?
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