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  1. Very annoyed and particularly quite angry with this news. I've purposely saved up this year to purchase a high end tablet for everyone in my family for Christmas so we can enjoy playing Football Manager Touch 2022 . Only to hear that you're not releasing a game on this platform. I've heard so much positive comments about the touch version over the last couple of years how it's more complex than the mobile version but not as in depth as the full fat version of FM on PC which made me deicide to save up for Christmas. I don't have the time to play the full version so the Touch version would have been the next step up from the mobile version (which is too easy). You've just ruined the rest of my year.
  2. Thanks for taking it into consideration, I feel that it would make a great addition to the game.
  3. I know I posted about this topic in the forum from last years game but I feel that this needs to be bought to our attention again. Points deduction is a part of professional football but isn't part of a licensed football management game. As you can see several clubs are struggling financially due to poor management of the club. I am hoping it is possible to include points deduction for teams that become Insolvent, teams that are bankrupt have the chance to offload players to accumulate funds but if a teams financial status is insolvent that basically means they've entered administration especially if they end up in the Court. As soon as the team becomes insolent they should be given a points deduction or if the season has finished they should start the next season with a points deduction.
  4. Apologies for the long wait for my reply. I have played through to the January transfer window and Witham have made another offer but unlike other players Witham are no longer an affiliate. I have tried and tried to upload the game to your servers by following your guide but unfortunately I had no success whatsoever.
  5. I successfully acquired an affiliate club (Witham) in my second season with Braintree but they cancelled the link to focus on bring more young players through at the end of that particular season. On my Club Finances page is clearly shows that I have no affiliate but when I get loan offers for players, it's from my affiliate club Witham whom I am not linked with anymore. Even when I offer any players to clubs to see if anyone is interested, there is no option to send players on loan to my affiliate.
  6. Juan Mata retired at the end of his contract and I managed to sign him to my coaching staff that's when the problem occurred. I'm playing on Huawei Y6 2019
  7. The player is in the First Team squad. The issue has kind of sorted itself out now. It took 3 weeks for the offers to appear (longer than normal) for me to decide which offer I wanted to accept.
  8. I have received an offer for one of my players but when I read the email, there is no button for me to be able to accept or reject the offers. I can't offer the player to club due to the face I have received offers but can't respond to them.
  9. I've tried to upload my game to your servers serveal times but I get the same message every time afterwards.
  10. I've have followed the instructions on how to upload a save file but the game will not upload to your servers. Here are the screenshots of the issue.
  11. I'm playing on the Xbox One S and with that you are only allowed 5 nations at the start but it isn't straight forward when wanting to look at the league tables. I go onto the Competitions page but it only has the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and Caraboa Cup (as I'm playing as Man Utd) on there. There is no sign of any of the other nations or leagues I've selected. Is there an easier way to look at the leagues I've selected rather than having to search for them every time? Is it possible to add them to the Competitions page?
  12. Playing as Hereford and two of my players have retired. On the set piece page, there are gaps where they used to be. I have tried deleting all my takers but the gaps remain.
  13. But what do the different colours means. So red means what, green means what and so forth.
  14. What do the different coloured lines mean for the relationships on the tactics page?
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