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  1. I just wish you could skip the 'referee runs to monitor to check' animation, as you can replays etc. Gets old very quickly. Those who like it can of course not skip it.
  2. Thanks. Press 'return' and then 'ok'. As long as you can spell the language
  3. patch 20.2.4 Cannot use the ingame editor to add player language (personal details -> language->add->select). Message is 'no results found'. Even for existing language. Anyone else have this. It is the same on two different careers/saves. (As advised, cross-post from General sub-forum.).
  4. patch 20.2.4 Cannot use the ingame editor to add player language (personal details -> language->add->select). Message is 'no results found'. Even for existing language. Anyone else have this. It is the same on two different careers/saves.
  5. Like others I find the animations this year to be very disappointing. What I do not understand is the extent to which the animations reflect what is going on ‘under the hood’ (the ‘match-engine’ I guess). Does the match-engine somehow decide, for example, an 'attack + miss' and then a random animation is chosen to represent this event? In which case while the winger running to the bye-line and then shooting into the post rather than crossing to the waiting forwards is frustrating, I guess it still represents the result of that segment of play – attack and miss. Or do the animations reflect what is happening in the match-engine ‘second-by-second’ so to speak. So the winger ‘actually’ runs down the pitch to shoot when level with the post? While waiting for improvements I have for the first time been playing pes ‘master league’ mode. While the football management aspects are an insignificant shadow of FM, the graphics make the FM match-day experience laughable in comparison. I actually like watching the pes games, which feel far more ‘real’ and exciting. If only pes would graft FM into ‘master league’ mode, or vice versa of course. Been playing FM for so long (since it was text only) I had not appreciated how dated it actually is.
  6. My point is only why I am not _allowed_ to skip the 10-20 second per event var animation - in an existing save. (Just had another three, on key highlights. Tedious - for me of course. YVMV.) (I do not fully understand your Madrid/Barcelona analogy. The original question, of can I do it, is I think valid. Both logically and in the context of other aspects of the game e.g. other 'line decision' animations, which I can skip - and do not take as long. Perhaps you are offended by the implied criticism in the pointed question. No idea. But I genuinely hope it was a simple oversight to omitt the skip option; and not a desire to impose this element on users in a single player game. The fact that it can be done at the start of a save (but who knew and how?) seems positive. Sadly, for me, I am stuck with it now. Hence the original question.).
  7. Either skip option, or 'key highlights minus var' would be a humane arrangement Those who find the tedious wait (for the nth time) exciting could still be excited. The rest of us could get on with the game. Fascinated by the mentality behind forcing this on uses, like it or not.
  8. Did not realise I could use the pre-game editor with an existing save. That is exciting. My current save is a long-term non-league to premier league, where I have just arrived and experienced the delights of forced var. Obviously, I do not want to start over again. Thanks for the reply. Slightly pointed question: why are you forcing this on users; or was the option to 'skip' left out by mistake?
  9. Yeah, I suppose 'skip' option would be a reasonable compromise. As with the 'line call/var' animation, which never cross the line anyway - in my experience.
  10. How do I turn-off the var animation - the one where the ref runs over to the side of the monitor at the side of the pitch. Tedious. Three in one game, super tedious. People who want it can keep it. I do not, so would like to turn it off. Bought the RTE, but cannot find how to disable the stupid thing. (Hope FM are not going down the road of ramming things down our throat whether we like it or not. Presumably defended by the childish 'realism' justification. Like the .... moving advertising/monetising in a paid game. But can guess the answer.).
  11. Started with fc united in the vanarama north, with a senior and u18 squad. Got promoted to vanarama national and now have senior, u18 and u23 squad. However, under the ‘filtered’ icon on the tactics (squad selection for match) tab there is no ‘U23 Squad’ item to select under ‘Squads’. Nor do the U23 players appear if I try to access them though the position (say striker <name>) drop down menu in the ‘formation’ section on the left hand side of the tactics screen. So my U23 are lost to me. No idea how to get them back. (Of course, if I move them back and forth to senior or u18 to access them, some tend to get upset.). EDIT: I discovered the 'reset' button under the filter menu .... duh.
  12. Thanks - yes that is what I have been doing and, as you say, so far they stay. The contract they ask far seems to be identical to one they already agreed. Still there are so many, and so many offers from other clubs that it gets a little wearing to say the least. Do not understand why the game would insist that nobody, but nobody, wants a 'proper' contract.
  13. Just promoted from Level 12 to Level 11 - using a community database. Players, whether renewing or new signings, will _all_ only sign non-contract terms. Semi-professional club. Previously, all existing players were on part-time contracts. Is this normal. Is there a trick to get them to sign part-time contracts. Or is it a bug. Clearly having most of the squad able to simply walk away immediately is not ideal
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