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    YouTube FM19 content creator from Norfolk.

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    Boston United
  1. Hey everyone! My name is Sam and I've started a Football Manager YouTube channel called LinnetFM in recent months. I've been logging my progress on FM19 with a challenge entitled... Non-League To Premier League. As you can guess from the title, the point of the challenge is to take a team from the lowest playable league without touching the editor so National League North or South to the Premier League. For this challenge I've chosen Boston United as Boston as a town has a close affiliation to me and my family and as a kid I visited York Street quite a few times to watch games. As I write this post I am already 14 episodes into the series itself. Please check out the playlist link below and have a watch of the series. Would love it if you dropped comments on the videos as I'm still learning being a content creator and want to improve to produce as good a content as I possibly can. I post 3 videos a week, I post on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 5pm EVERY WEEK. Thank you for letting me waffle on! Hope to hear from you over on the channel. I will now keep the series updated on here and post the latest videos so you don't have to miss anything. Thanks everyone! Sam (LinnetFM) Channel - LinnetFM Playlist Link -
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