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  1. Hi, thanks for getting back to me! I should clarify further. I call it counter attacking as that's what I see on the pitch when my team is being successful. After tracking how we scored all of our goals this season, most come through set pieces and counter attacks, with precious few coming from any build up play at all. Work Ball Into Box was used as a test, and it didn't improve things. With this being the main source of our goals, should I focus the style more towards a counter-attacking system, drop the lines and pressing, if that's what I'm seeing on the pitch? On a side-
  2. Hi All, I come to you, the good people of the SI tactics and strategy forum, for some much-needed advice. I am in 2031, with Bradford Park Avenue, sitting in the Premier League. I am 19th in wage spend, predicted to finish 7th and currently in 4th, with last year resulting in a Europa League win after qualifying through the play-in rounds; by all metrics, I believe I’m over-performing, but I want to do more than just over-perform without winning trophies. I also wanted to achieve this exclusively through playing with narrower, winger-less formations, such as a 3-5-2
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