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  1. @Experienced Defender, how would you line up for a more attacking way? Thank you for your response.
  2. I wanted to change things for me a little in terms of tactics specifically formation, so I wanted to try three at the back. I have gone for balanced mentality, playing it out of defence, shorter passing and highet tempo. For In Transition I just went with counter. And for Out Of Possession I have chosen get stuck in and lower LOE. My strikers partership is DLF on Support on the right and PF on Attack on the left side of the pitch. I went for a flat mid trio of Mez on Attack on the left, DLP on support in the middle and Box To Box on the right. Defence are a standard three CBs set on defend duty, wing backs are on support, and a SK on support. So I wanted to ask the experienced players and everyone else who is up to answering me, is this set up good, or does it lack penetration or is lacking in defence or something else. What would you ad, or remove or change. And also I am playing with Sheff Utd if it helps in answering my questions. And also please be brutally honest, because I am starting to lose my mind because of this game at times. Thank you in advance.
  3. @Tom8983, no, no please, I appreciate it, it is more help for me, so continue if you wish or like. 😀
  4. @Tom8983, nice mate, like the videos, did you use some PIs or nah?
  5. @Experienced Defender, I did not use offside trap because they were not very good, now they might be good enough. Fewer risk because they were making too many long passes which were no good so I tried to restrict them. Thank you for your advice and tips also, cheers.
  6. @Tom8983, @TheCheesemonger, @peter.1986, @Snorks and @Experienced Defender, thank you lads, I will try your suggestions and see how it goes. Cheers
  7. DLFs AFa IWs DLPs CMd Wa WBs CDd CDd FBs SKde Team instructions are: - Shorter passing - Standard tempo - Play out of defence - Pass into space - Focus down the left - Counter - Roll it out - Higher defensive line - Tighter marking Mentality is attacking. Player instructions are: WBs - cross byline Both CDd - fewer risky passes FBs - sit narrower, cross from deep IWs - close down more Wa - close down more DLFs - close down more, roam from position AFa - close down more I change them in game if changes are needed.
  8. Do you guys have any tips or advice how to break teams when you start dominating the league? Because I have teams playing against me with three at the back and two dms, and I really do not know how to break them, while they just kick the ball over the top and score. Do you have any tips how to create overloads against teams that play that defensive. They dont always play with three at the back, they also play with deep 4231. You have to give it to the AI this year, it is hard as hell. I get it know how Barcelona and other giants feel now. Please be free to correct any mispell or grammar error, I would like it to be correctly written.
  9. Sorry dude, I did not express myself properly, I found, some time not so long ago, I think that it was written by Cleon, but I am having trouble finding it again, so I was thinking if someone knows where to find. I can see that my "request" may be a drag but I tried it nonetheless. Thank in advance.
  10. Hi, i want to ask what atributes are required for certain type of PPM, like "likes to lob a keeper", "runs with ball often" etc. I am asking because I can not find the forum or the site where I found it before. I hope You guys understand me because English is not my first language. Thanks for a reply if there is one..
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