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  1. I sold all my players in a Newcastle save since it was awfully balanced (I got there and couldn't avoid relegation in 10 matches, we were doomed anyways). The biggest problem was that nobody wanted to join the team since they said there was no quality on the squad or something like that... no matter how much money I would offer. So my word of advice here is to do it gradually.. sell a few players, buy some, sell some others, rinse and repeat.
  2. Exactly. Sometimes they just don't want to play for your team. In this case you need to build some type of connection with the player (prise his performances, talk about it on the press, etc) before making any move. The same way, sometimes a club doesn't want to sell a player to a certain club, or they only accept because the player is asking for it
  3. Nothing wrong. I'm just modding the game and creating my own kits (new design, new sponsor) for every team in different leagues. I just don't want to create third kits, idk
  4. I own the game but I haven't bought the pre-game editor, though I may if I can do a few things to better my own experience. Is it possible to manually remove third kits from a club (eventually, all of them) and make it like they were never there? I'm creating my own custom kits for a few leagues, but I just want to keep it simple and like it was back in the day, with only 2 kits (home and away) per team. I know you can download graphics and set the same kit for the away and third, but what I want is not only to not use the third kit but also not showing them ingame when you go to a team's page. Like I said, I may buy the editor if I can do this (and a few other things) to mod my game but I don't want to spend money in something I may find useless, so any input is greatly apreciated!
  5. I don't know how to word my question, but here it goes: Sometimes a former player for your club or national team give their opinions, be it about your managing skills, your team, or your rivals when an important match is approaching. The thing is, I'd like to start a save role-playing as a former player of Boca Juniors (Martín Palermo) but I don't want something like the real Palermo talking about me... well, him. Do you know what I mean? I'm playing FM18 and apparently he' doesn't exist in the data base although he's an actual manager... being one of the most famous players of the club, is it possible for him to still give his opinion even if he's not in the game? (maybe he's in the code but not as an available manager). If that's the case, can I somehow erase him from the game? Juan Román Riquelme would be the same case. If I play as Riquelme I don't want a doppelganger talking about me, but he's a glory at Boca Jrs and I could imagine some interaction even if he's not showing via the search bar. Since this is the first time with the game I don't know if they can interact but I've seen it for other clubs I've managed.
  6. In my playtrhough the 2022 WC is in Australia because of some TV thing, so I guess this kind of things can change in-game
  7. Happened to me. I'm the manager of a local club and also my national team, and for some reason I was able to attend 2 matches at the same time in 2 different countries... weird. The worst part is that the U-23 tournament lasted for a week or so, so it felt kinda unreal to travel back and forth and manage both teams at the same time. I think I remember having my 2nd manager taking care of the club in past games?
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