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  1. do you think that fm touch has a different engine than the regular version?
  2. I repeat, if your knap tactics do not work (in my opinion they are one of the best), change mentality to positive / standard ... Note that he is testing his tactics at MU or Liverpool, where you can play offensively because they are known for good defensive.
  3. If some knapa tactics do not work for you try to change the mentality from offensive to positive / standard. Let me now give you an example of the same matches against Bournemouth ... Playing offensive tactics I lost, and when I changed the same tactics to the standard I won and it was 6-1
  4. knap listen, I've changed my mentality tostandard because I think that at a laterstage smaller teams are setting up on thecounter and we're hoping for it.
  5. this tactic? Https://community.sigames.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=211223
  6. Do you think that these trainings have any effect, and how do I have good players with both left leg and right foot to set them indifferently on the flanks and if I play away with a strong opponent, do you recommend playing in the middle of the field?
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