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  1. I'm up to 22/23 And as you can see its always my forwards then Pogba. Lingard on the left wing scores a bit as well.
  2. Joined March 2015. First post today to **** off a troll in the Man Utd thread
  3. Just thought I would share my Man Utd experience...I hadn't played FM for a long time. Probably about 5 years or more since I last did. So I went looking for a formation to get me started. I'm using a tactic I found on another website (not sure if I can mention) that is a 4-4-2 Attacking mentality and have absolutely brained it. In 235 games i've won 205, drawn 14 and lost 16 with 828 goals for and 130 goals against. Had a without losing streak of 82 games. Which included winning 28 in a row. Some may see it as cheating, but its really helped me get back into the franchise and what Man Utd fan doesn't want to see them actually win SOMEWHERE I'm going to start a new save with my local Australian side soon. I've found Lingard has been a revelation as a left winger. Crazy good with the assists. Martial has been awesome as striker. Scored 57 goals in 19/20 (35 in EPL). I cant get rid of Sanchez. Held out for too much the first couple of years now he doesn't want to move to anywhere. Said he wanted to speak to Villa then wouldn't agree to terms. Had a restricted budget the first year but was grated $200m+ each season after that so i've been signing kids like crazy so that they get HGN status ASAP. Had so much spare cash last year (20-21) I splashed 169 pounds on Mbappe only because City wanted him. Well worth it. Also blocked Chelsea signing Paqueta last season by paying 45m pounds in 19-20. Sancho was my big signing 1st season (40m) but has been amazing as RW never falling under 7.80 average rating. Only get 20-25 appearances a season out of him though. Best XI in 21/22 is De Gea Shaw/Tiernney de Light Markovic Dalot Lingard Paqueta Pogba Sancho Mbappe Martial Bench is Plizzari, Lisandro Martinez, Tonali, Herrera (last season), Cengiz Under, Rashford I've 23 others on loan around the place. Bought as many U23 players as I could after the first season. If they dont go on loan, they bolster my U23 and I can bring them into FT when required. Some of the amazing kids are Cengiz Under (now worth 64m), Exequiel Palacios (worth 52m), Svetozar Markovic (worth 38m), Franciso Trincao (worth 28m). Looking forward to bringing in Abel Ruiz, Chong, Amine Gouiri, Lincoln, Gravernberch, Max Aarons, Greenwood, Tuanzebe, Laird, Kaio Jorge, Jonathan Panzo over the next few seasons. Bought way to many but can always sell for profit, notht that I need more funds (kitty still at 295m and dont need it). Wages are killing me, but under budget. Hoping having them on loan doesnt contribute to FFP! Since i'm sorted for players i'm going to start cleaning out Back Office. Signed Mauro Tassotti as Ass Man but his contract is up and will be looking elsewhere. Got bored last season and signed Michael Reschke as DoF but was a waste as I do everything regarding contracts and signings. I'm over press conferences so my next AssMan will be based on that. Just sacked Richie Merron this season as Head Physio because I was sick of injurries. Its my playing style that causes it though. Replaced him with Lieven Maesschalck. I mainly posted this to **** this guy off
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