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  1. @jwchriste are you trying to say that the english pyramid actually have until level 19???
  2. @jwchriste i prefer to wait to play level 22 db. How is it going mikey with logos? I think this wouldnt take much longer time... Maybe two more weeks and its done. Asking some questions about the game isnt off topic making?
  3. hi, guys. Does Dan have given a release date? im waiting to use his database in the game.
  4. hi,everyone. im really excited while waiting for @Dan BHTFC to finish this. i dont know but maybe im gonna play with keymer and hassocks again like i did in fm 2017 (i think) with a file created by Dan too. thanks Dan fot the efforts to bring this to all of us. i really want to learn to play with you guys, if its possible, and to understand better the game and know how to build a tactic that fits better my team. thanks
  5. hi,everyone. hi, dan. congrats for your job, once again. in the last fm versions iv been using your dbs about english leagues and i love it, as i am fan of yours and english football. hope you can end this db for fm 19 because im waiting to use it, to pick up a club from the lowest league and bring them to the top. im from portugal and a fan of bradford city.
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