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  1. yeah have been doing so. Last match the DLP was booked and i took off the hard tackling after and he completed the 90 so hopefully that will sort it.
  2. Im using the 4231 IF, my DLP seems to get quite a lot of red cards. Has anyone else had this?
  3. Thanks for the reply. His personality is balanced.
  4. I've started a save with Solihull Moors and I've used the editor and gave them a transfer ban until 2080. I've also changed their focus on youth to 20 but left the facilities as they were originally. The problem. I'm having is almost every youth player that comes through is unambitious. Is this something I've done?
  5. With the inverted wing backs do we use a right footed player on the left and a left footer on the right or does it not matter?
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