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  1. AEK HAD 22.76 MILLION BUDGET. AND 374 K P/W WAGE. There was no takeover . Do they have a sugar daddy ? Or is it because they reached Champions League group stages last season and made it to Europa League , where they were knocked out in the first round , and the group stages this season too ?
  2. They shouldn't have a problem in the league when SPENDING 14 MILLION ON PLAYERS AND JUST SELLING FOR 1 MILLION .
  3. TRANSFER WINDOW OVER Our wage budget is waaaaaay better.
  4. TRANSFER UPDATE He's good , so I had to sign him
  5. TRANSFER UPDATE This should be our last signing if nothing bad happens
  6. TRANSFER UPDATE I'll retrain him as an AMC and he will be our starter
  7. TRANSFER UPDATE He'll be our backup striker for the upcoming season.
  8. TRANSFER UPDATE I'd say he is good , especially that he is 19 .
  9. TRANSFER WINDOW We'll take a look at every position in the team and decide if they're good enough to continue at the club . GK - Sokratis has had a good season but he was pretty inconsistent . He will stay and so will his backup , a 20 year old with 4 star potential . DR -Mattias Johansson hasn't had a good season and he is on a 6.5k p/w contract , so I will look to move him on as he is 27 y/o too . His backup will also move on as he has 29 years and is on a 4.6k p/w . The 3rd choice DR will stay , a 19 y/o 4 star potential with 600 p/w DC - This position will stay as it is . DL - Will stay as it is and pray Insua signs a new contract . He wanted 10k p/w and that was a big NO . DM - Ergys Kace won't be bought from PAOK , but Ilias Chatzitheodoridis will be promoted and most of our MCs know how to play DM so we have depth . MC - I don't want to sell anyone , but if a good offer comes i won't say no . AMR - Tasos Chatzigiovanis has had a very good season and his backup will also stay . AMC - Omri Altman will be sold , due to his wage (6.5k p/w) and Andreas Athanasakopoulos (god help me pronounce this name) will be promoted to first team , despite his young age of 17. AML - Will stay as it is . ST - This will need a very BIG improvement , as both Nikos Vergos and Federico Macheda will be sold .
  10. END OF SEASON REVIEW I'd put the game against AEK as the moment to forget. My player of the season is Dimitris And the worst player is Federico Macheda
  11. APRIL AND MAY UPDATE Decent end of season , started rotating the team towards the end to give to everyone a chance and see who I will sell and who will stay for the next season.
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