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  1. Despite him been transfer listed and interested. And me meeting all wage demands the negotiations fail always. Can't get past mood 99%(I don't want to sign him on so much anyways. )
  2. Using ome. And yeah I can do everything in game, I can play for minutes or hours, doing all other tasks, it's just the match that can't be played.
  3. Since the update I can play at most 2 games. I can do everything, scroll the menus, sign players etc. But during a match the app just shuts down. Everytime. I know I'm not the only one, I'm in the fmm Facebook group and see the problem constantly mentioned. It's gone from my most used app to not playable. (I have cleared cache, I installed, gone on holiday for various periods of time) nothing works. Own some version of fm since fm was launched, and then all the champ managers before and this is a first. Please advise. If not how do I get refunded as the product doesn't work.
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