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  1. Hi Francis Mooney, Further to this issue, we have found that for competitive games, we are able to take control of the matches for the U21s and U19s. However, we can only do this via clicking 'set all' and selecting 'Take control of all yourself' and this does not remain after quitting and reloading, meaning that this process needs to be repeated at the start of each session. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi Francis Mooney, There should be two files uploaded on the cloud as I didn't read the instructions properly and do not know how to then delete the uploaded file. 'LordoftheShire_InternationalNetworkBug2.fm' should be the file where both the U21s and U19s have a match in 3 days. the other is the same save but there may not be a match for a little while. Thank you and let me know if you need any further info.
  3. My friends and I are playing a network game where we have taken control of domestic teams in Hungary and then each taken an international job with the senior and youth teams (Picture 1). However, the managers of the youth teams have found that we can't take control of friendly matches (Picture 2). We do not know if we will be able to take control of the competitive matches yet. Is there a way to fix this or a known workaround? Picture 1: Picture 2:
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