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  1. No I haven't but I had Susaeta as my RW for a while! Inaki had a good season for me, that's why Liverpool bought him but that left a real dent in my attack.
  2. Liverpool matched his release clause of 80 million so I sold him. Ibai Gomez has been a good LW for me!
  3. What are the biggest failed wonderkids that are in the game? I want to build a team of failed wonderkids.
  4. Declare interest in transfer, declare interest as a top target, make sure your team leader speaks about him to the press and assing a scout on him and scout him literally as long as you need to get him.
  5. China made the 2022 World Cup in my save 😮
  6. I just saw the best result I have ever seen in an UCL game 😂😂 Lyon 3 - Celtic 2 But Celtic scored all goals, 3 own goals, never seen that before 😂😂
  7. I search only using nationality Basque. Is that any different than searching nationality partially Basque?
  8. It was basically a no brainer for me, having tracked him for years with no luck to finally get him, he still has the quality I need in a title push!
  9. I am very proud to announce the signing of a 31 year old ANTOINE GRIEZMANN! We got Griezmann for Merino and 15M€. To lower his wages to 450K€ Athletic Club gave him a signing on fee of 25M€! Now we push for the title!
  10. Sorry PA, edited it now. I have no idea if it matters, I have a dutch one.
  11. I just got a player in my youth intake which my head of youth developement thinks could emerge as one of the best players of his generation. He has 4 gold and a half black star PA. Any experience on these?
  12. I always develop weak foot on my youngsters and train them in the role I will play them in but sometimes I train my st as CF even though I might not use him as one just to train all those stats and cm's as B2B to train multiple important stats. My tip is to train for those stats that you want to have better and when they are enough for you then train in the role you want if they don't include in the role you want.
  13. I just let my assistant do the team talks and the same with training, I only do individual training.
  14. Yeah I'm not the best with tactics either.
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