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  1. Yeah, 4 games now, all wins by a good distance, and every time the squad reacts negatively, its a obviously a bug
  2. There is some tweaking to ratings - mainly for DM's, but there are also tweaks for various other aspects and not just 'visibly' where certain players naturally get slightly higher ratings because well they do in FileZilla Malwarebytes Rufus real-life (ie. strikers get higher ratings than goalkeepers and thus are man of match players more often etc.) the game is tweaked to ensure that this doesn't penalise them unduly in terms of reputation adjustments etc. ... all this is ludicrously complex I'm afraid.
  3. Also, have you intentionally taken our ability to dictate training for youth players we send out on loan away? We can no longer develop youth the way we want and have to accept the way the loanees club alway train aerial for CB, passing for BPD & midfielders and movement for attacking midfielders and strikers and we can no longer dictate what positional training we want instead bein stuck with training their natural position. This seems like such a step back imho.
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