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  1. I’m trying to play as Spurs due to a agreement with a friend. I’m trying to make a tactic based around Harry Kane but have no idea how to. I don’t know what tactic to use or how to enable a striker.
  2. I had two players become unhappy because I didn’t make it far enough in the Bundesliga. I lost on goal difference on the last day.
  3. I've found this as well. The best way I've found to fix it is let the assistant manager take over training for a while, until they're happy.
  4. Hey quick update. I decided to play the game again. The next match was against Southampton. I used Vitor Martins, and the next day he said he was happy, and his actual playing time was under fringe. No this does not mean the bug is fixed as it is very much still in the game. My theory is the game is calculating all seasons I had him for, as in the very first season I didn’t play him once as he was in the reserve team.
  5. I uploaded the file. It's called 'Contract Bugged File'. The player with the problem is called Vitor Martins. Guendouzi had the problem in the past too but he's been sold.
  6. I have no idea how to do that, and what PI’s to use for that, and why?
  7. I have a regen player whose ‘Actual playing time’ is Surplus to requirements as the screenshot shows, but it also shows he’s anything but that. It is ‘t just regens as this exact thing happened with Guendouzi, allowing me to hardly ever play him for season after season without him getting upset. I do have a saved file of this, but I don’t know how to upload it.
  8. Quick update, I was absolutely wrong with not being able to use a DLPd, it works fine.
  9. The HB comment was saying that I’ve had other people recommend using a DLPd, but I found the DLPd wasn’t deep enough. The Haland comment was saying that I have a few strikers that I use as a CFa, but Haland isn’t a good CFa. What would you recommend for the defensive settings, and are they too high for both tactics?
  10. Hey all, I’ve been trying to make a 41212 narrow formation work in the way I picture football working, in my vision. I transferred from the 41221, and just couldn’t pick up anywhere near as many goals, as well as being defensively poorer, forcing me to switch back. Could I get any ideas about what’s going wrong? Using the WBa as a WBs is an option, and the HB can’t be a DLPd as the defensive position doesn’t work with only 2 CB, from what I’ve observed. The two tactics I’ve been using are below. I have mainly CFa’s, but I do have Erling Haland as well.
  11. What about an IF? I’m now considering them, but I wasn’t before. I thought IW was better due to not having the play risky passes PI set.
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