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  1. I don’t sorry. I stopped paying attention to the match, but I noticed it returned in the 80th minute, if not a bit before.
  2. Up in the top left, the tactics button is gone.
  3. This has only happened once, but I don’t think this is normal.
  4. It might have been a necro feed, but I got a response on a still relevant subject from different people I hadn't got views from. Chances are they won't find this feed and be able comment. I start different feeds or comment on different ones is because I get more variety in opinions, ideas, and explanations.
  5. I guess I'm back here on this now dead feed, because the other one that got closed for advanced forwards was no good. Just because I said I'm going back to 4231 didn't mean I didn't still need help with my striker. And you know, because the new people to get an opinion off was no good either.
  6. I've changed my mind, I'm determined to make it work. I'm going with a 4231 again.
  7. You could try a DLPa? Also for strikers on support it often gives another passing option. They might get an assist from there, or be the 3rd pass to end up being the scorer. If it's gone wide, they will get in the box.
  8. Cool. The CFa isn't working so I'm trying DLFa and Pa for Laca and Auba respectively.
  9. How do you get the AP to get a good rating? I've struggled with that for a long time...
  10. That's exactly how I felt. Please tell me if you find a solution, because I couldn't and that cost me the boot. I think the problem might be the AP doesn't have room to put a through ball through.
  11. I'm 100% interested. So what the morale of this is, don't use poacher for 4141?
  12. That is true. I did just play a match with Auba at Pa and he scored against Chelsea, and a match against Brighton and Geubells scored at CFa. I have changed my left WBs to WBd, and made my winger an IFs and that seems to be working. My WBs on the right in Aarons, has got 3 assists in 2 games.
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