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  1. I often have the opposition punt the ball up the field straight to my CBs. Instead of controlling it, they always head the ball, often to the feet of an opposition player, even when they have plenty of time. How do I stop this?
  2. Ok, thanks heaps. I’ll definitely take this in with my tactics.
  3. Ok, thanks heaps. Would it work if I did one CD and one BPD and still build from the back?
  4. That is exactly what I have been using. What would you suggest I change? My CAM is an AP.
  5. So they fit well in any tactic, but how do you know when to use that role over others?
  6. I keep getting told this role is bad. Why is this? I’m trying to play a possession based game by the way.
  7. I quite simply don’t understand the defender roles. I thought I did but it appears my interpretation is wrong. I play with BPD and I thought they played out from the back and stuff. What do they actually do?
  8. Oh ok, so he can fit in anywhere. What if you leave the CM on no instructions?
  9. Will putting WBs on cross less work now or not? Or do they need to be FBs? And should I make all my AMRs IF even if they are not very good at it?
  10. Well how does the CM play different to other roles? Is he just there for a pass?
  11. Can someone explain it to me? It is described as there being no special qualities about them. If this is the case, what makes the CM better than other roles?
  12. I’ve been told that with 2 playmakers, they both won’t play as well.
  13. That’s what confuses me. He isn’t special or outstanding. Then how does he play and how is he better than another role if he isn’t special?
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