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  1. You need to re-verify all the league rules that you have in order for them to work with the updated database. Just go into the editor, load the file, then click test rules. As long as there are no issues resulting from the update, they'll be fine.
  2. If you send me the file you are working with, I can attempt to create the structure of the league you are looking for using the advanced editor. It might take me some time because I don't have near as much time for playing around with the editor as I used to, but I should be able to get it to work.
  3. I'll take Roma, sorry I haven't been on recently, been a busy week.
  4. That's not good, should have stayed in the closed league system of the US. Hopefully I can win some silverware with Morelia at least.
  5. I'm still completely ok staying in the United States and managing Orlando City. Maybe I can both avoid relegation and the sack for my career.
  6. Been away for a few days and had a very successful career for an American, to say the least. Won the Golden Boot once in the World Cup, setting the goalscoring record, almost setting the Caps record, breaking a record at Spurs, also somehow managing to miss the game that was meant to honor me, oops there. Now to hope that I go on to become a manager, maybe even at Spurs and lead them to the Champions League in the backroom.
  7. Been a great few seasons for me with Spurs, leading them to Champions League play. What's the current cap record for USA, as well as goals.
  8. Having a pretty good shout in the first team. Goal this coming season is to play in all 38 games and score 20+ league goals. Also, should overtake Donovan for USA career goals record fairly soon.
  9. I'd be happy being lifelong player for Spurs, unlikely to get relegated in that case, heck I'll even go into the backroom for them and still not get relegated.
  10. Despite not breaking into the First Team at Spurs, having good seasons in the youth teams and getting international experience is helping. Hopefully I can break some more records as time goes on. Also getting that first International goal would be pretty nice.
  11. I haven't fleshed out the details of a scoring system yet, but there would be some way of measuring it out.
  12. I had a thought earlier today for a sign-up. There have been some great footballing brothers, and in other sports there have been great families, like the Mannings in American Football. How about a footballing family sign-up. I would have each user create two brothers and their father, and we would see which family would earn the crown of best football family.
  13. yes it will work as long as nothing directly conflicts as in my above example
  14. it should run smoothly, as long as no database changes conflict, such as a nation rules edit that deletes a team and players being added to that time, it will run fine
  15. Yes, it work's I have run a game with a multitude of different created/edited leagues. It adjusts the created league's unique id's so that nothing gets confused
  16. Not merge, roberto, just select all of them when it comes to selecting which XML's to use. I don't think merging as worked for anyone in a complete successful attempt yet.
  17. Paul, since you likely won't be able to put all the nations in one file, wouldn't it be easier if each of the participants created their leagues and sent them to you?
  18. My computer can handle a large database, so I can certainly make sure that happens
  19. If you want, I can do my best to do it for you. I will work on it all day tomorrow.
  20. That's been done a lot, but for some reason or another, people lose interest quickly
  21. I am looking for a game to get into, so that would definitely be one I would consider playing, can't just be doing sign-ups all the time, lol
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