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  1. I like the look of those training schedules. Will be interested to follow how they do for you. The early results are certinly promising! If I may have one other suggestion, consider to include transition sessions from time to time. Like the Tifo video states, tactical periodisation does look at transitions as basically half of the game. Those two sessions not only work on some absolutely vital attributes, they are very efficient in the way that they pay equal attention to both units. I personally never go without them.
  2. Yes I do, but it's not a wholesale change or anything like that. It's things like replacing attacking shadow play with defensive shadow play, having defending disengaged and/or defending wide on Thursdays, or occasionally doubling down on a select defensive section. Not even recovery or match review for me either. I believe its impact is minimal and doesn't involve anything other than cohesion and familiarity, so I find it useless when your players have thos already on an acceptable level. I think it totally depends on the session itself. The general sessi
  3. Here's a sample schedule I've created for the second part of the season (thus there's no downright physical training) and for week when we play a team we want to attack. Notes: * after our previous game last Saturday, the players got Sunday off. I don't want them near the facility. * Monday is for active recovery. There are some light sessions, nothing too heavy, in order to ease the fatigue still stemming from the previous match. * Tuesday is a day for units training and for some sub-principles I want to practice for the upcoming match. The main physica
  4. Adapting the principles and methods of tactical periodisation to FM is certainly worth exploring, something I've been experimenting with on my save as well. I'm not sure if you can link outside pages here, but there is an in-depth analysis on the topic at the popular tactics website with the very long German name. Besides optimizing the training workload to enhance efficient match preparation, tactical periodisation also puts great emphasis on 1) which physical attributes (speed, strength, endurance) get the focus on the given training day, 2) whether the focus of the day is training the entir
  5. 2022-23 PRE-SEASON Transfers: Pre-arranged transfers in: And the rest: I'm only signing youngsters now, because every Russian player who's an upgrade on what we have, is out of reach. And there aren't too many of them anyway. We got decent money for some fringe players from other Russian clubs. As for the foreigners, Ponce is gone and Larsson has a transfer arranged for January. No one seems to want Orunov and Guus Til (myself included), but I'll surely get rid of them somehow. That leaves Ayrton Lucas, Alex Kral and Jorrit
  6. 2021-22 END-OF-SEASON PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS The emergence of Glushenkov (who had been loaned out) is the main story here. He's no world beater by any means, but has good attributes at all the right places, has consistency and, most importantly, has a Russian passport. I gave him a chance and he took it. His offensive numbers are better than anyone we've had at the striker position. Elsewhere, Yevgenjev has been as good as expected, and he even scored 11 goals off set pieces. He's a man among boys. We sold Kutepov during
  7. Needs better vision, though, if he ever wants to be a playmaker. Right now, we're focusing on his physicals, and he's developing nicely so far.
  8. FEB-MAY 2022 Results: We kept focused and went onto a long winning streak. The key game was against Dynamo who were our main challengers this year. We played our new 451 tactic and we bossed the game while having 37% possession. League table: We won it with a higher point total than last year. We also won the cup this time around, and although it took two penalty shootouts to get there, it was well deserved. Youth intake 2022: Popov has every chance to become a star
  9. NOV-DEC 2021 Results: We are very far from the European elite, that's for sure. F-ck off. Despite our preformances not being up to par, we're still leading the league at the winter break. It says golden generation, but it doesn't look very good.
  10. SEP-OCT 2021 Results: Truth to be told, we kind of suck right now. I've been experimenting with tactics quite a lot lately, but that's no excuse for dropping that many points in the league. The Dynamo game, in particular, was unacceptable, although the manager did perhaps choose the wrong time to try out a Wide Target Man system... As for the CL, we never really were in the Bayern game, but did well against Inter, a match we didn't deserve to lose. Then we actually flat out outplayed Barcelona and should have, for all intents and purposes, won that game. Bas
  11. Thanks. I was constantly on the lookout for Yevgeneev, asking his agent every two weeks, like the crazy stalker that I am. I swooped in the right time, when we were 1st and Dynamo 7th, so he didn't care that much about the rivalry. Also, they had some financial problems, at one point in the summer, all of their first team players were transfer listed, something I haven't seen before. As for Karaveev, Zenit brought in Aurier to play right back for them, so I guess he became expendable.
  12. I don't know how it's even possible because of the seeding. Apparently, Barcelona was a 2nd seed, and Inter 3rd. Stiil, what are the odds? Predictably, we're not doing too well in the CL so far.
  13. JUL-AUG 2021 Results: We won the Super Cup in an incredibly tight match. We started okay in the league, but we are not playing especially well. I continue to attribute that to the lack of true goalscoring presence up front. That said, I started to develop a new tactic, which is a 42211 with two DM's. It looked good in a friendly against Monaco, but it's obviously way too defensive for the RPL. I intend to spend this autumn working on two striker systems, because quite simply none of our strikers is good enough to play alone up front. League table
  14. That's a good thought and something to consider. They have to play in Russia for 6 continuous years for that. Neither Rocha, nor Ponce (who have 2 and 4 years left, respectively) is good enough to be worth the trouble. As for Lucas, I've thought about it. He has three and a half years remaining though, which is beyond his current contract. I would have to make him a star player which he kind of is - for now, but he's not someone who can start for a Champions League winning team. Ultimately, I think it wouldn't feel quite right.
  15. FOREIGN PLAYERS UPDATE We have seven non-Russian players remaining at the club, and there is interest for almost all of them. I really like Kral. He has been playing BPD for us, but he's also adept at Libero or as a DM or CM(d). Some lowball offers already came in which were promptly rejected. I intend to keep him until January at least. Champions League football will drive up his value. Hendrix is our starting Libero on ridiculous wages. (For comparison's sake, we paid more than 4m for one year of Victor Moses, who is not very good
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