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  1. Like previously mentioned, this is a very good tactic. That’s why it’s working. Additionally, this 433 with a DLP is very popular IRL (think barcelona, man city, liverpool) and the game reflects that. your balance between ball retention and attacking penetration is close to optimal in my opinion. As a matter of fact i would like to ask you to do a big favour to these forums and post your tactic on those “i cant break down defensive teams with my brilliant possession tactic with 8 playmakers and no one attacking the box” threads, there are quite a few of them.
  2. If you want those very fast attacking transitions with long balls forward, I would advise to re-think the front four duties. Right now, you have 3 on support out of 4, which means they'll generally come deeper during the transitions. I would switch that ratio around. Additionally, you have no less than two ball magnets and neither of them is a forward. Again, not conducive to long ball football. As for the CM's, more static roles would be my suggestion. These guys will have a LOT on them, you basically need two Makelele's there. An interesting consideration is to put them to the DM strata. I've only watched the first video, and based on that, here's how I would set it up: AF PF(s)/TM(s) IW(a)/T W(a) CM(d) CM(s) WB(s) NCB BPD FB(s) SK(s) Attacking mentality, more direct passing, counter-press, counter, more urgent pressing seem like a must. Will watch the other video later and get back to this.
  3. No, no, just be a man and don't press via PI's either, and, well.. count the losses I guess.. In all seriousness, I've put lots of hours into developing a playing style you just described in FM20. A disciplined approach which prioritizes blocking passing lanes instead of aggressive pressing, disrupting the opponent's build-up. forcing mistakes and then taking away the ball when the time comes. All without using higher mentalities or a split block. It can be done, but it's very hard indeed and, admittedly, I'm not good enough at this game to make it work consistently. I have to adjust on a game-by-game basis, study the opponent, use OI's and, usually, watch the first 30 minutes of full. Basically, it's like real life football and that takes a hell of a lot of time. I still prefer it to gegenpressing and IR'ing my way to success though.
  4. I like the approach and I do realize how hard it is to make somerhing like this work currently. But.. having four of your players to close down more and using a BWM who's hard-coded to max pressing and using an attack duty WB who'll press more even without the hard-coding .. all of that kinda takes away from the "no pressing" part, don't you think? Please take no offence, it's an interesting read, and I love some of the movement of your players.
  5. Nah, he's too slow and lazy. That's a Balotelli-esque player, without the agility and speed.
  6. I believe traits do take precedent most of the times, but your guy will stil be more of a threat in the box on an attack duty. What I am not sure of is why you're saying Albila is your best striker. Most of the others you posted are better. He's just a bully.. with flair.. (yikes). With those attributes for decisions, composure and concentration, I'd sell him in a heartbeat.
  7. 1) A lack of penetration is no surprise. TM is the most static forward role there is. IW(s) is a creator. AM(s) is just... there. IF is the only one to aggressively attack the box and it might not be enough against packed defenses. 2) You don't necessarily need those attributes to have an effective high press. Aggression, work rate, team work, stamina and accelaration are more important.
  8. Do it right and he can score 8 goals a season for you from open play. It's one of my favourite projects, the goalscoring wing-back (not IWB though, that's too obvious).
  9. Slim pickings at LB, indeed. I'd say if you play a WM ahead of him instead of a winger, someone with awesome teamwork, work rate, bravery and some defensive awareness, you could actually turn this into your advantage and have a wing-back who's also a goalscoring threat. (Too much, tactics, I know )
  10. In possession, I think you could try playing narrower to exploit the numerical advantage you have in the middle of the park, with overlaps and/or get further forward PI for your full-backs to get them higher up the pitch for width. Focus play is not really enough. I would also exchange the duties of the mezzala and the AP, which could make the latter drop deeper and the former overlap him - give their DM problems. Out of possession, I would man-mark one or both of their full-backs with your side midfielders, because judging from the ratings of the Chester game, that's where they beat you. If you're averse to man-marking, you can try defending wider and higher up the pitch with OI's added. I've also found that a great way to give the 433 (4141 DM wide or whatever) problems with a two-striker tatic is identifying the opponent's more attacking full-back and have a runner at striker on that side and tell him to stay wider. An advanced forward type with acceleration, off the ball, anticipation and dribbling can run behind that full-back while also drawing a centre-back, thus creating lots of space.
  11. So, you didn't get your Zidane, but got yourself a Gareth Bale.. I don't think he's a left back, nor will he ever be, because it's not really possible to get the bravery up by something like six attribute points. Two or three is the most I've ever managed. But if Real Madrid comes in with 100 million for him, it's a fair trade.
  12. Thanks for taking the time. I can certainly see why you're terrorizing the English leagues now.. It will be quite a dilemma if/when the second coming of Zinedine Zidane pops up in the intake (hopefully in the next one )
  13. No worries. I asked only because I did have a youth only save on FM20. And I kept developing the tactic as we were going through the tiers. Especially when I felt we were stuck in a division for too long. Most of the times it helped significantly.
  14. I see your point. Generally, though, the better players you have, the more elaborate tactics you can use. And by that, I don't mean giving up your card-collecting strategy, which I love reading about by the way. I mean you can get away with more adventorous roles perhaps, more risk-taking, more sophisticated attack patterns, more aggressive team instructions, etc. There is a chance that altering the tactics slightly, based on the increased quality of your players, is the difference between playoffs and automatic promotion.
  15. This save is immense. And the thread is a great read. Thanks for that. But.. do you realize you've now gone 26 pages without ever mentioning anything about the tactical stuff? It's probably not one of your priorities, still, it would be interesting to know how it has evolved over almost 30 years.
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