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  1. Tried it, but it’s not showing up the file share option.
  2. No idea how to find it to attach it sorry. Searched for hours. 😭
  3. Can’t find the game on my phone to attach it, it isn’t in my iCloud folder. Damn you technology! 🤦‍♂️ Give me a minute. Or several.
  4. How do I share it with you? I’ve had Flanagan for 4 seasons and rotate regularly with another left back so this was very sudden. thank you for looking into it.
  5. How do I share it with you? thank you for looking into it.
  6. Way way too easy. Vanrama South to PL with back to back league wins? Then winning PL 6 out of 7 seasons? That’s too easy in my view. Should be a difficulty level when you start.
  7. I am Sept 2032 with Forest Green, these fitness and, shall we say, stroppy players, have only started since I installed the update yesterday. already lost 3 of the first 11 games of the season despite not losing 3 over the last 2 seasons combined! Might have to stop playing until a fix update is released. If I keep playing every player will be 70% fitness level.
  8. The Blue ! are unhappy players due to being left out for 1 game.
  9. Strongest team, in September. I’ve also got players virtually wanting to leave after being left out for one game due to fitness levels so I have to play them or end up losing them. One already requested transfer after one game out the team.
  10. I have the same fitness issues. Have players at 96% in May and consistently 96% when now in September, and that’s including pre-season!
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