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  1. Dear Knap, regarding Parisienne skew ID 1379 you just talked about, indeed it is incredible. I usually use the Fire and Water 103pts but this tactic tested by Roger is insane. I was 7th with Caen in French league 2 in half season and using the Parisienne skew 1379 its is 15 games : 13 wins - 2 draws. Thanks again
  2. Does anyone has the right ID or direct link for Mississipi or Fire and Water with man marking ?
  3. Thanks for your feedback Knap. But sorry I did not understand what you said about AI with AMC aor DM. Also sorry, I did not understand at all your advice with Dr and DL. Can you please explain a bit more...thanks
  4. futsal_17, can you post a screen with the change you made on Missipi with man marking ? Thanks
  5. Dear Knap, in prder to have a more solid team with Fire and Water I want to tweak your tactic with man marking but are only the AMC concerned or all the team ? If it is all the time where can I select it please ? Thanks for your feedback
  6. Dear Knap, I made many many tests and did not succeed to win tittle with West Ham or Norwich with several of your tactics and the also the RDF tweak of yours. Could you please tell me which tactic suits the best an underdog (for premier league but also liga or french) in order to win tittle. Thanks for all your work.
  7. Hello Knap, As FM Base did not test your latest tactics, do you know precisely which of your 20.4 tactic should have the most number of points home and the one which will have the away most efficiency ? Currently in FM Base test, it is Fire and water for home and Missipi for away. Thanks for all your great work.
  8. Ok, thanks. I will use it and change "get stuck in" for away games.
  9. Hi Knap, After winning with underdog teams in France (using Preaching and TequilaCousins), I want to try the Premier League...and maybe with Norwich as you made a lot of tests with it. Therefore, could you please tell me what tactic had the most points on your tests with Norwich ?
  10. Dear RDF, I will try asap your tactics because TequilaCousins made me win a lot. As I am french (and even I uderstand what "get stuck in" mean) I cannot find in my FM20 game as it is in french langage. Could you please send me a screen copy in order I can see where to remove it please ? Thanks
  11. Great results with TequilaCousins!! Thanks Knap and RDF. 2nd season with Caen, just after promotion and only 5M€ transfert (play on instant results) => 2nd place !! Above Lyon, Monaco, Marseille etc.
  12. Thank you Knap, I will try this Mississipi tactic with Caen in my 2nd season (after I ve been promoted in French League 1).
  13. Dear Knap, On your post regarding "FRENCH UNDERDOG TESTS BY TOMAKA" Missipi tactic seems the best with 232 pts (your 2nd photo). Could you please tell which one of the 10 Mississipi tactics you have in the google doc for 20.4 tactics ? Thanks
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