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  1. Indeed, best results with Sunderland in Premier League season 3 with the tactic wulfpoacher 4141 P106 19 games : 11 win and 38 points (difference : +14). Thanks
  2. Thanks a lot. I just won sky bet 1 and then championship with Sunderland using 19.3.5WULF4132. For Premier league, would you suggest to use P109 442 home + 4141 P109FA away //// or tweaked 4141 P109 FA all season /// or 19.3.5WULF4132 all season ?
  3. Hello Knap, Once again, thanks for all, FM would not be that great without your help fot tactics. If your best away tactic for underdogs is Pilgrimate 4141 P109FA, which tactic is currently the best to use for home as underdogs ? Do you think using an home and away tactic is better than use the same (all the time 13.5 4132 P112 for instance) ?
  4. Sorry, one question came to my mind. Does that mean that you only hire players according to the position role => that mean a box to box for box to box midfielder, an advanced forward only in attack, a ball playing defender only in centre defense etc. ?
  5. Thanks a lot Knap. I will try to hire good scouts in the game in order to buy 4 stars potential players whatever their attributs are...hope it will work.
  6. Dear Knap, It seems your tactic "19.3.4BEOWULF442WAFKnapP103ECCC.fmf" is the one which is still the most effective according to FM Arena's testing table. Is it normal even if you created new ones which won more points (like 112 for example...incredible by the way) ? I know you don't give any filters for players (unfortunately), but could you please give 3/4 key attributs for each position ? I win everything with big teams without any transfer but with underdogs it is hard and it seems I don't transfer the good ones. Thanks in advance and again great job for all your work.
  7. Dear afizzyuk, Hope you will share soon, I am still struggling with Caen in French premier league even if your filters helped me to improve a little bit my team. Maybe your next tweak will lead me to 1st place and champions league winner. Waiting for your new great ones...
  8. Thanks so much afizzy, with your tactic and filters I think PSG will be 2nd in the french league next year. I will let know.
  9. I thing if afizzy you can give us filters it will be more relevant but those from TFF are according its tactic and players roles aren't the same (especially strikers). Moreover, with TFF filters when you do have a multi million budget it is impossible to sign players. Therefore, afizzy I am really looking forward to have your filters...
  10. Dear afizzy92, Do you still plan to do filters for key players attributes ? I am still struggling with Caen in French premier league after 5 sigin in season 2 (impossible to be first with PSG). Maybe I didn't sign the right ones...filters would really help. Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks a lot for your reply regarding players attrributes. I will let you know after signing new players!!
  12. Dear afizzyuk, Thanks for sharing this tactic...great results so far with Caen in French Premier league for my 1st season (2d position). Year 2 I struggle a lot in Champions league and league with big teams...maybe due to my players. In order I can improve my team each season, could you tell me if you have filters for players attributes you can share ? Or do you have 4/5 key attributes for each position you can share with us ? Thanks
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