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  1. @pr0, I have issue with Japan. all three leagues have grey players. (regens) Why there are no real players?
  2. Hello! I checked your Guide. I liked Revival 28 file. But maybe I misunderstood something? Check me please. Basicly I need UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League real system from 2021. Extra I need Intertoto Cup, Super Cup (with 4 teams playing) , Fifa Club World Cup. And now I have questions. 1. Are Uefa Youth League and AFC (Asia) Structure real in your files? 2. What is CONCACAF-CONMEBOL MERGER ? It's real system or not? 3. From what I selected, what files I need to choose? Do I need the Fifa Club World Cup file? 4. Do
  3. Is this update working stable? I have plans to start new long career. But don't want crashes.
  4. Hello Timo! Add please England D10 or D11 if you can (with all cups) Romania D4 Russia D4 Ukraine D4
  5. Hello! I installed your ICC + ICC futures update. But only ICC appeared. Play for Chelsea. 20.4 Tried to find it in youth team fixtures, but no ICC futures. What to do?
  6. Hello! Do you have England update Level 11 with FA Cup, Trophy, Vase & League Cups ??
  7. Hello! Great work. But with your update activated I have also 2018/2019 season. Is this bag or error? How can I get 2019/2020 season?
  8. Hello OllieDrew!! Can you make such file (International Champions Cup) for new season 19/20 ?
  9. Hi, Uncle Sam, please can you share links for the files from first post for 19.1 game version. I want to play it with claassens Europe megapack. Are your files compatible with it?
  10. Hey Timo, since Claassen don't update his megapack please make other countries compatible with 19.3
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