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  1. Finally a solution! Thank you lugui! panels/competiton/competition fixtures item panel roundup detailed.xml <!-- Match result--> <container id="rmat" class="inner_contrast_box_no_margin" appearance="boxes/custom/result/standard/paper" auto_size="vertical" red_replacement="primary"> (add ''red replacement'' for match result box color of your taste in this line) The same for aggregate match score box Also for change every match result box you have to find : panels/competition/competition fixtures item panel detailed.xml <!-- Match result--> <container id="rmat" class="inner_box" appearance="boxes/custom/result/standard/paper" red_replacement="primary" auto_size="vertical"> (Again add ''red replacement'' and color of your taste, same for aggregate match results box) Most skins dont have these .xmls on their panels/competition folder so i am putting them here (you dont need to to add red_replacement inside these panels cause is modified by me, you can resize and change boxes or fonts colours, change font cause i have mine here and size of text). NOTE : If you dont know how to add fonts just replace my ''scoreboard'' font with ''title', ''text''' or ''bold''. Btw my font name is SegoePro-Semibold.ttf if you know how to add fonts and you want to dowloand it from web. competition fixtures item panel detailed.xml competition fixtures item panel roundup detailed.xml
  2. There is nothing with name result score/aggregate in settings. If i write the lines by myself inside settings xml? I give a try to this.
  3. In my skin is orange with black text and there is not xml with that name. I have to find and import this xml from another skin i guess...
  4. Im in trouble for months with the color of the fixtures. I cant find where is located in settings, how the name of this button called and how too can change the color, size, font, and text color.
  5. So its time for -football- manager? We can finally start a normal save! (I want to believe and praying for that to the God of Football...Diego Armando Maradona help us!).
  6. Amount of goals and difficulty level are ridiculous. If you try any other league except PL and La Liga you can take Genoa, Strasbourg or Heidenheim and the First season you can win the championship. If not the first sure the second cause PSG and Bayern.For sure you are finish 2nd and easily get into the Champions League and money coming like rain from the beggining. If you go out of top 5 leagues it's just chaotic. You take the worst team and you win the top teams 1-5, 6-2 and every match is over 3,5 goals. Also you take a look at the AI matches and your eyes bleeding. Scores from AI matches, like 6-5, 5-5, 4-5 are almost every week and in real life these teams maybe never experienced a win with than 3 goals or game with over 6 goals (no matter the winner). We are not child's to "clap clap" a winning simulator with highscoring super powers. If we want that we can play another manager games out there who mades for childs. Uh and these games are free and not promoted as most completed and blah blah, costing yearly 50 euros.
  7. They work for that game for months. They see bugs from early access before 40 days! How much time they want? The time normally it's over after full release 3 weeks before. Also they said from new year only 25% of their team keep their eyes on FM24, the other 75% focus on FM25. It's now or never.
  8. Lets hope the early December is really early. Not something like 5/12 or more. Of course, it should also be a successful update. we bought a different game than the one promoted to us. It's a shame and it's already too late.
  9. So ''Early December''...we won't play an easy mode of Water Polo Manager anymore....or maybe not? It's frustating trying hard (behind the scenes like SI) to NOT score goals in this game. Playing in the 2nd division in Greece and i give my best for some logic scores, but even if i succes to keep my game under 3,5 goals (really hardcore, dont try this at home) it comes the other results and kick me...you know where. Almost all other matchday results are over 3,5 goals and some are over...8,5 (second division of Greece is extremely low score league IRL btw). First time ever i start the game playing positive and quicky turn to defensive or cautious after my second goal (in fisrt 10-20 minutes) and lowering my lines or putting at the pitch some really bad players in forward. AND STILL the team scores like a mix of Barcelona and Real Madrid at 2010s. Im giving defensive roles to almost everyone to stop scoring. The AI make 3 subs maximum (if im lucky) so i try to not make all my subs too. They are in the rules of 2019? I dont know. Im spending my hours looking everything else just to avoid matchdays or delay them waiting for a major update. Skin editing, Graphics, looking national teams and players from Bhutan and Thailand without a single reason, talk with players with no reason too. So early December (If they want to be honest very late December cause on December its 1 and a half month after the early access) i hope i can play the game they prometed to me (and everyone). You know this one. The most Complete one, with super smarter AI and all things who is really worst than ever in reality. This is like a deja vu of FM20...we spend 4 months with a completely broken game then. Please dont make it happen again. Its to much. Even now its too much time wasting and we have 10 days minimum in front of us...
  10. How difficult is to turn the amount of goals in a logic way, for professionals who sale a game so many years... 1 month after beta...i feel like im playing still beta or even alpha version of a Water Polo manager on easy mode. This is game breaking and frustating. We have threads for that, we mention, we almost...scream. NOTHING. Just updates some French leagues small bugs and small things here and there. Thinks who people with expierience can fix with the editor and share them tp us. Also the set piece creator. Just leave me drag a player to another position and dont change him with someone else automaticaly, making a mess... with the left back goes from stay behind to go further just because i drag a midfielder out of box or whatever. Not even make sense! Im sorry if my words are too offensive but im really disappoitment this year...after updates and still nothing from basic big problems was fixed yet. FM24 one month out and i cant play the game at all. Not even watching streamers playing the game is enjoyable or interesting. Its not only me. it is the biggest part of the people who bought their favorite game We need a serious update soon.
  11. Just everyone (developer) open the game and play some matches... But i make it more easy...this is some screenshots from different users from Greek Community on facebook only. Most of them are after full release and fisrt season. I have see on streams (Greek and others) different leagues with the same problem like French and German and England leagues. I also play a bit in Italy.
  12. Αmount of goals... This issue continues after full release and its really frustating. Makes the game unplayble and unrealistic. It doesnt matter what tactic you use, or how good defenders and GKs are (for any team, any league, any nation and level). The scores skyrockets! 8-2, 6-5, 5-5 and almost every match ends with over 3,5 goals. Also the game is very easy. With a mid-table team you can won 1-5 and 4-2 the top teams. FM23 was much more difficult and balanced. AI matches scores its too high too. These problems need a quick fix. The game is out for 20+ days, the full release 2 days, yesterday's update doesnt fix this, i can not imagine how a visible problem for 3 and more weeks its still broken. Annoying Water polo style game experience, this is not football. My save file is from beta...i dont have one from full release but i see many streams and conversations at last two days and i was shocked by the amount of goals and level of difficulity (seems like easy water polo mode) who continues to be annoying after full release and yesterday's update.
  13. You lose the point. In FM19 there are 7-8 skins for low res, last year FM23 had 2-3 and the one (FME) this year is out of the race, today its one at the moment and its not exactly for low res as i said before.. Year by year i see this ''poor and unimportant less than 10%'' with very limited options. Im sorry for not buying a new expensive laptop with a big screen to make the things easier. Really sorry, its not raining money here in Greece and i have personal life, priorities and problems who needs my money more than a new big screen. Also a 10% its not a small piece for a company. Its a big lose (if they lose this 10%). If you cant help me please dont waste my time with this kind of comments and read more carefully what I wrote. Im not against the skinners, i just notice something and calls for some help. Its so bad? If you dont care just ignore it. I never said about paid skinners who living from that. The SI graphics team its different story and they work for the company, paid from the company, So them (i dont know their names) needs to be more skillful and learns from the unpaid skinners. They paid for this and i pay them for this every year. I am not the one who needs to learn. Not the first in the line at all.
  14. Yes i know why some skinners doesnt share their skins anymore....the negativity is huge from people out there. But somehow negativity affects 99% the low res creators and everything new doesnt support low res. Btw I give a try to Sas24 laptop version last night. At 85% dezoom i need microscope to make the letters and pics visible. At 95% its a lot better but many panels doesnt fits good or leaves empty space (like player overview profile). I spend the night editing some things but not everything with success. Ηundreds of folders and XML's and suddenly not so friendly for an amateur to edit even simple thins like heights and withdt of panels, pictures, portraits, logos and pop ups sizes or add something from another skin. Im not giving up but its day 5 without playing the game at all.
  15. As I said before but no one seems to read it. Last year's FME skin released and then never update cause the skinner "retires" from the project. So i modify many panels by my self for the first time ever. But then I have a good and friendly pattern to make my tries and errors. It takes months to make a not buggy thing even with a ready canvas. If any panel made for high res it's very hard to have success. I can't be the solution so easily cause I'm not a skinner, games graphic designer and I never be one cause I don't have the time to learn a whole new language like a pro and maybe i don't have the skills at all. I already give a lot of my free time to explore the skinning language from 0. My whories is clear. Year by year the low res skins are disappearing. If the skinners with experience and skills leave completely these skins the only lost in this situation has been Football Manager and SI. Also FM25 they say it's a new era. This is mean possibly more difficulity with new stuff to learn even for the skinners. Im saying once again. I know it's still early but already are out there 10 and more skins and only one can be a bit close to low res. This is make me whorie about the future of this kind of skins. It's not a simple thing for someone who had no idea to fighting from zero and at the end of the day he can't play and enjoy the game who loves and supports with his money for years. To be honest SI and FM team it's time to recognize the problem with their base skins and make something much better by them selfs who supports everyones screens and the skinners dont need to change the whole skin to make the game enjoyable. Not anymore like as menial and unimportant job. The skin it's very important! That's my whories. I hope you understand.
  16. The letters, pics and fonts gonna be really tiny with 85%. The panels sizes is the main thing. The letters and pics looks ok with 100%. Speaking for Sas laptop skin. not for others for that.
  17. Im not blame anyone for anything. I use your skin now and i try to make it playable for me. I know its very hard for the skinners to cover many resolutions. But imagine how hard is for amateurs with no idea at this things to turn an ''unplayable'' skin to ''playable''. The statistics says we are less (the low res users) but we still exist, we dont have the money to buy bigger laptops or buy PC's. Im also prefer a big screen resolution but i cant have it at the moment. Im buying the game 7 years in a row and i try to make more and more people recognize how good is. Im also making free facepacks from AI and photoshop to make it more realistic, spending hours everyday too for zero money, just for FM fans. Im here for help or information, not for blame the skinners if you get it like this. Anyway this post is for someone who have a low res screen and hunting a skin or its working to make one. If someone can help this small but existing piece of FM players is welcomed. Skinner or not.
  18. I try yesterday this skin and it doesnt work good for my resolution. Maybe its not for 1366x768 but for bigger laptop screens. Laptop doesnt means 1366x768. I use this with icons only sidebar and even the sidebar doesnt works normaly.
  19. The last years i use skins like Yacs, Heffem and FME-Zealand's skin. FME skin was very friendly for Low Res Laptop screens (mine is 1366x768). Also it was easy to modify some panels it even if your are not a skinner (not even close to that level) with a little help from this forum members and moderators. At the moment im reading there is not planning for release a version for FME-Zealand's 2024. Also Yacs skin and Heffem are not making anymore low res versions for a long time. It's sad that none of the great skinners out there treat the lower screens users like they don't exist. At the moment low res users have ZERO options to play with a beautiful, detailing skin, without missing a lot of informations and having huge buggy panels at our screens, like the ''mainstream'' 1920x1080 versions works at Low resolution Laptops. I know its very early yet but this kind of skins year by year looks like endangered species. Im afraid to just edit the config file of FME 23 just to 24.0.0 because i dont want to have crushes and lose my trust in the game. So if anyone have a plan for a low res skin please place it here. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is worried about the disappearance of these versions of skins. We can help each other (i think).
  20. I Did it! Thanks for your help! It was player attributes panel. If anyone want to do the same here is my xml. Put it into skins<Tato<panels<player<woz<HERE. Allow replace and reload your skin. Remind guys this is for low resolution laptops. player attributes panel.xml
  21. Personally, I don't mind if there are 3 panels. I only play with the sidebar icons and it looks ok. Only the attributes panel looks cramped and I just want to spread it out. I deleted the two files next to the attributes (where it says INF and Selection in the photo) but they just disappeared and it was empty. The attributes were not "stretched" so that they don't look squished. The files in the skin are a bit chaotic. There are almost 100 different ones in the player folder alone. 😐
  22. Same here, low resolution laptop. I just want it to fill that spot with the player's atributtes, Anyone can help? ΄Wich folder(s) set this up? 😥
  23. I did and it worked. Thank you. The only problem is that it doesn't show me the option to skip replays on goals.
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