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  1. I'm not using any 3rd party tool. In fact, I am not using the in-game editor either. I have enough hours played to be able to tell the range of CA/PA a player/staff has. If you see Messi with his best staff stat under 10, it's pretty clear that he's not 150 PA.
  2. After playing years and years of savegames, I couldn't help but notice a pattern in the retired player's new staff attributes. I didn't care at first, but now I'm on a 15-year save and it's bothering me more and more, that there are not enough good staff members after a while. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but there are a LOT of players retiring as Directors of Football, and their judging CA/PA are very low, I'm talking 5 for each at best. Also there are almost no Head of Youth Development with over 15 judging CA/PA after a few years, because all the players start with about 1-5 in those stats, and rarely reach 10. Coaches and goalkeeping coaches are usually fine with their stats and you can see some good assistant managers and managers with high potential. There's also not enough good scouts after a while and i'm not sure about physios. It looks like there is a cap on how much judging ability/potential a DOF/HOYD/Scout can start with, but not for coaches. Another thing is that it is very rare for a club player to retire with half-decent stats enough keep him at the club. In real life, a lot of clubs keep their former players as backroom staff, and FM gives them pretty high stats when they add them the next game. There are a lot of players that would make great managers and coaches after they retire, but in-game they end up with 50PA. I know it's set at random, but i think it should be less random than it is.
  3. Yes, the problem has been solved. Works well now
  4. Well he does score a lot of free-kicks, so I didn't think it would hurt. I will play without it and see what goes. What I agree with is that "pass into space" doesn't go with my other instructions, I genuinely never paid that instruction any attention after turning it on.
  5. I usually take it off for semi-important matches (UCL group stage, Sevilla, Valencia) and set it to "be more disciplined" in important matches (finals, Real Madrid, strong teams in UCL). I'm not really sure what it does exactly, I always thought it's mostly for creative/high technique players, which Barcelona doesn't lack, and lets them more freedom in the final third.
  6. Thank you for all the replies. I'm not gonna lie, I set him as Trequartista because that's what I read almost everywhere - that he plays best in that role. I don't want to play him in attack because I still have Suarez and just bought Belotti, and I don't want to ruin my cohesion. I've been playing this tactic for Barca since FM16 (with this many instructions) and it always worked well. Again, I won La Liga, Copa, UCL and both supercups both seasons, so the tactic is working. I set the record for most points in La Liga in the first season. I just wanted to ask if there is a way to make Messi score more goals. Also, which instructions are contrasting? I didn't know that I shouldn't have two BPDs, it's just how I've always been used to and my CBs always have 7.40+ rating in a season. What I've never been sure of is the tempo - I heard that Barca actually plays in a low tempo, but I tried it for half a season and the team played worse.
  7. This is my Barcelona tactic. It's my 3rd season, and I won everything in the past two seasons with it (some changes along the way). Of course, I don't mind winning a lot but sometimes I struggle for longer periods and my team keeps winning matches from CMs goals. What I don't like is that Messi doesn't really score. He got 27 goals in 43 matches last season and 31 goals in 46 matches two seasons ago. I saw people getting more than one goal per match from their players, but I never manage to. I think he scores even less since I changed him on Trequartista from Inside Forward. His Personal Instructions is 'Shoot more often'. Do I have too many instructions, ore are some of them overlapping with what I'm looking for?
  8. I feel like FM19 has updated transfer fees, but forgot about release clauses. When renegotiating an existing clause, the agent downplays the existing clause to ridiculous amounts. I am currently managing Barcelona. Arthus has a 400mil € clause, but when I negotiated a new contract, the agent didn't accept more than 150 mil. Same with Dembele: From 400 mil existing clause, he wants no more than 200 mil in the new contract. When buying a player and offering him a contract, the clauses they propose are always what they would ask 5 years ago. Signing a youngster for 40 mil, he proposes a clause for about 80 mil, which is ridiculous in today's market. You can't lock huge clauses either, because it will make them instantly reject the proposal.
  9. Not that I agree or disagree with any of these opinions, but this has gone heavily off-topic and people came here for CA/PA updates, not to read comparisons between players. Anyway, looking at Barcelona, I've noticed a nice bump to Malcom's CA, not sure about the PA. Arthur looks like he has some world class PA. Lenglet also got buffed, not sure how much. Maybe someone can take a look? I'm surprised Bale didn't get his CA reduced, while Sanchez and Lukaku did. That's all I've noticed so far
  10. I was just looking at Benfica's icons and noticed that Luisao, the team's longest-serving captain, is only considered favourite personnel. I think he's considered at least an Icon by the fans of the club. Also, how is Renato Sanches an icon? He only played for a season!
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