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  1. Okey, so how can I modify the reputation for certain players to avoid this? Are there any guidelines for this or do I just have to find this out from case to case? Also, could this start a chainreaction? Like by modifying player A:s reputation maybe player B in the same squad will be transferlisted instead because of club philosophies etc?
  2. Hi! Okey, so I wanted to add some sell on clauses missing for my Swedish GIF Sundsvall save. So under finances and sell on clauses I just searched for the players I wanted to add for but when starting the game there is nothing there. Any ideas why? Also one of the players are immediately transferlisted as I start the game. Why and how can I change it? Cheers Edit: Turns out I had to do the same but for the club he is now Still though, any ideas why a couple of players are instantly transferlisted?
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