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  1. I need the 20.4.1 tweaked version of this brilliant tactic please! cc: @Urotsukidoji
  2. We're waiting the 2.3 updates for these great tactics because they're not working well now
  3. Argus 352 isn't as effective as argus 343. I hope you'll be able to improve it.
  4. Hi Knap. Thanks for the tactic. What changes should be made to use this tactic for the underdog teams?
  5. Hope so. Since it's the most realistic tactic who fits to the most of teams, it's highly demanded. Looking forward to your next masterpiece.
  6. Thanks for the 4231 tactic knap. Will you create another 4231 with wb's and if's?
  7. Cannot dominate the possession like before, concede more goals, and much weaker in away games. It doesn't matter the team I manage, I used it even with the kind of teams who were predicted to get relegated and still win the league. Not anymore. P.S. can you share with us the links of the above mentioned formations.
  8. I've been using your 4231 tactic since the begining and I've followed all of your updates, but the current one isn't working at all. I thought you might try to change something.
  9. Hi Knap. When can we expect the 19.3.3 version of 4231?
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