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  1. I apologize that I don't know what kind of file to send to show this but in the last three days with Monaco, my FFP says that I will fail by 10 million, 4 million, then back up to 14.6 million. The transfer window is closed, i haven't sold bought or negotiated a single contract
  2. I have multiple players that have the tags of "wanted" with major interest from 3-7 clubs for nearly 2 years with not a single offer made. Even when listed for sale and for less than transfer value. The player is also said to be open to new clubs. Conversely, I've had a couple of players that are not listed nor unhappy, where I am getting offers of 50% transfer value??
  3. I don't have a save game but it should be easy to find. Why does Rodri have a release clause at manchester city for the same price that they paid for him? Bought for $63 and release clause for the same. This seems extremely unlikely
  4. This has been an issue, it seems most common with IW even on support, more shots than crosses. However, I'd just like to say that while I've been trying to report issues, this has been a fantastic new year on the whole. The ai and ME has definitely improved and gamelplay on the whole has been very enjoyable. There's always quirks but great work SI! Much appreciated.
  5. I'll try and look for some more of the other's and post here. In the mean time. I'm playing as Man C so this isn't me Chelsea v Crystal Palace.pkm
  6. This is more an oddity than outright glitch but it's occurring quite often. Fullbacks are not only routinely scoring but scoring braces of edge of the box shots despite low shooting stats and my wingers/ifs not being able to do such things. This is also happening the same time as wingers/ifs and strikers taking horrible shots that go out for throw-ins? I have pkms but the lowest quality are still too large to upload? Has no one else encountered this? Side note, this season just in the EPL there has been a 9-0, 10-0, 6-0, 5-4, 9-1, 6-3, and another 5 6-0's, none of these are even my games. This seems a little high.
  7. That's just painful though. I already had them, so the huge spike doesn't have sense, and comparing it to similar wonderkids and high performers it just has no bearing at all. You'd expect that if anything a wonderkid being picked up by Barcelona is where the huge demands would come in.
  8. I've been playing for years and have practice negotiating contracts and such but having a few wonder kids in my squad, when their contracts are coming up, their demands are INSANE. And the others are constantly pushing for raises and ignoring all the usual means, like saying I can't afford it or they have lots of time or not disrupting the atmosphere. Sergio Gomez opened with demands of $200,000 up from I think $28,000 at 19 years of age. He's at 3 stars, is NOT wanted by any clubs and completely breaking my wage model. Pietro Pelligri demanded $195,000 even as backup striker and no outside interest, Upemecano demanded $185,000 from $42000. All of these were happy at the club. Now, Frenkie de Jong has been purchased by Tottenham and he's on $95k, Youri is on $74k, Paqueta is $125k and ARTHUR is freaking $84k at Barcelona. They are all kids, 3 starsish and they all break down contract negotiations with any kind of push back even though none had any desires to leave. I didnt sign a single player in a year and still blew my FFP just from contract negotiations. I know this is part of the game but compare their skills and wages against what AI clubs and players manage to work out. This is crazy
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