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  1. The issue is resolvable just gotta do what we had to do on previous fms and reload your save back to before the international call ups, luckily I only had to play 1 game again.
  2. I've not actually done anything on 19 and thought they was actually in the game this year without having to do what you've got to do. For example Japan have never had proper call ups in my save as I haven't done any edits
  3. Ive got a save with Hamburg atm just got to the start of the 4th season and all of a sudden all the german national team is made up of fake players as it were in previous fms. First 3 seasons was abosultley fine I've got a few german internationals and I'm loving the save but this is going to make me lose interest massively and probably start a new save in a new league. Has anyone had this problem or know anyway it can fixed? Thanks in advance.
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